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SEO Tripwire

24/7 Change Detection Tool For Protecting Your SEO

  1. SEO Tripwire
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    SEO Tripwire Affiliates Program
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    • Net-30
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    • Paypal
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    90 days
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    Start Earning 80% Commission in 3 Easy Steps
    It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to join our affiliate program (literally!) and start earning money today.

    What is SEO Tripwire?
    SEO Tripwire track changes to important SEO elements on websites and send you alerts 24/7.
    Act quick to revert unintended harmful changes on your website and do not let your website fall out of Google or lose your Google rankings!
    We will monitor your pages (or your competitor) 24/7 for changes in important SEO elements and email you if a change is detected.

    Join our affiliate program and be our partners!
    Here’s how:
    1. Sign up for our affiliate program here: LinkMink
    2. Once that’s done, you are officially in the program! You will then get your unique referral link. Use this link anywhere on the web to send interested friends / customers to sign up on our site. (Ps: If they use your link, they will be remembered for 90 days!)
    3. For each referral who creates an account on SEO Tripwire, you then earn a one-time 80% commission of the first payment we receive from that customer!