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Discover and remove non-effective traffic sources, and click fraud

  1. scroogefrog
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    Traffic Audit tool, will cost 0.005€ for analysis of a single host. FREE MGid module!
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    Service has been developed to reduce click fraud, and, thus, clean up the traffic paid for by an advertiser.

    ScroogeFrog is aimed at saving the advertising budget by blocking ads impression from users whose click-throughs are fraudulent, and also rejecting sites that bring untargeted traffic to your website.


    1. Affiliates can set up the offer output into an iframe on a secure domain/subdomain that thus allowing them to connect it to Scroogefrog system modules. Without connecting to the system modules secure domain/subdomain by itself doesn’t help preventing click fraud.

    2. Click fraud/AdWare prevention, protection
    After it has detected click fraud and adware, the system is automatically able to optimize further ad impressions for such visitors

    3. Call tracking
    The system allows you to detect which keywords in your advertising lead to sales and which oncs are a waste of moneys

    4. Monitoring and statistics
    We’ll show you detailed statistics about all incoming traffic and non-effective sources.


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