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RiteTag Pro

Get hashtag suggestions for images & texts: desktop + mobile. Based on real time hashtag engagement

  1. Saul Fleischman
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    RiteTag Affiliate Program
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    • Other
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    • Paypal
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    30 days
    Get instant hashtag suggestions for images and text, anywhere on the web and mobile. It's a must-have for Instagram and Pinterest.

    How the RiteTag Pro browser extension works:

    Just right-click on images to get hashtag suggestions to copy/paste or, highlight text, right-click and get your hashtags...


    Here's how to get hashtags for images and text and even change the language of the hashtag suggestions for localized marketing:

    RiteTag Pro includes the browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) that provides hashtag suggestions for text and images (yes, for Instagram and Pinterest), and rides right in your workflow. It's our most well-known product, our least expensive, and offers an affiliate program.

    How the affiliate program works:
    • Sign up with Twitter, Facebook or Buffer (always use the same social account to login) here.
    • Get your unique affiliate link in Affiliates.
    • Share your unique link with your audience on social media, in blog posts, ebooks, courses, email or anywhere.
    • Feel free to use any texts or images from the RiteTag Media Kit that is provided in Affiliates.
    • If a user signs up within 30 days after visiting this link, we permanently attribute him/her to you.
    • If this user upgrades to RiteTag Pro plan any time in the future, you get US$9.80.
    • Transfer your earnings to your PayPal account any time by clicking the Transfer button in the Affiliates page.
    • Payout threshhold: minimum amount per transfer is $100.00.