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Tools for growing and engaging your audience.

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    The tools and strategy you need to grow your Twitter reach with active and engaged followers.

    Growth Features
    Rewst offers a lot of different tools for growing your account. We provide tools to follow the people that are following your competitors, follow people that are retweeting your competitors, and follow people that are being followed by your competitors.

    These tools are effective because the people engaging with your competitors are likely to be interested in your content as well. Our platform, since creation, has a follow back rate of 15.5%. Since January 1, 2017, that has increased to 16.5%. Meaning if you are able to maintain the average and you max out your 300 follow limit per day, you could gain 18,000 followers per year.

    In order to avoid your follower:following ratio getting out of whack, we also provide tools to follow the people that aren't following you back and also the people that unfollow you. There's an Analytics page that shows you the average amount of time it takes for someone to follow you back along with which tools are working the best.

    Engagement Features
    When you connect your account, we scan all your tweets to find out which times is the best to post for your account. Then on your schedule page, we show you the best times and allow you to set your schedule. We provide tools to upload images in bulk, import your 25 most recent tweets, import your 25 tweets with the most engagement, compose a tweet for your schedule, and also search Twitter for content.

    Another one of our more unique features is the Extended Tweet. This tool lets you exceed the 140 character limit by breaking your message into a series of tweets that are all replies of each other so they show up in your followers' feeds as chains.

    Virtual Assistants
    Our tools and interface reduce the amount of manual work by quite a bit but we know that clicking to follow the 300 people every day can take some time (about 10 minutes in our experience) so we worked out a Virtual Assistant system. You can set the instructions for our team of Virtual Assistants and have them do the work every single day for $35 per month.


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