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Minimum Payment
The minimum payment amount is 50 USD
Payment Frequency
  1. Weekly
Payment Method
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. Other
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We suggest you #realpushing with us to earn more money!

What is Realpush? It’s a fast growing network of push notifications. We successfully monetize all kind of live traffic by using push notifications.And we have a direct offer-push subscription.

Who we are? Our team consists of more than 50 enthusiastic specialists aged 25-40 who are always willing to help you to maximize your profit using push notifications. All of us speak English, and some managers speak Russian. We have a great experience in IT sphere what makes Realpush one of the most successful networks!

Who can earn with the Realpush network?

Owners of websites
Push notification is a great solution to monetize visitors of the website.Get our tag, place it to the code of your website and monetize your traffic.You will get the profit even if the user doesn't visit your website for the second time.It is allowed to have websites with security certificate and without.This format complies with Google requirements and compatible with Adsense ad. Also, personal manager will suggest you some tools to increase conversion rates.


So, it means you know where to find traffic and want to monetize it.You will be provided with the best tools for work:direct links, S2S (Postback URL) integration, opportunity to set up traffic back to your link, exclusive landing pages with a very high CR, clean domains. All affiliates are suggested to monitor statistics in the tracking system of Realpush.

The tracking system is developed by the team of Realpush.It will help you to get the big picture of your statistics!

The tracking system of Realpush is so simple, you will definitely use it.It is possible to monitor statistics on GEO, browser,type of device,CPM.Also, you will know how many times the code/landing worked, the number of subscribers,CR, the number of active subscribers,the number of ad requests, clicks on push notifications,CPM - the average price for 1000 clicks.

Why do you need it? To define your white/black lists and drive traffic only to the best sources.So, you will see which source brings you money and which one holds you back. No more wasting money!

Realpush features:

  • Free tracking system for our affiliates
  • Average conversion rate is 6-12% (Depends on GEO and device)
  • Desktop and mobile devices are accepted
  • Monetize all countries (Of course Tier1 regions are the most paid)
  • Exclusive direct landing pages
  • Perfect CPC Rates:
15$ - 200$ per 1000 clicks for Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 Regions.
  • Big experience in RTB
  • We pay by Webmoney / Epayments / Paypal / BTC / Wire
  • Weekly payments
  • Clean ads! No adult and mislead
How do web push notifications work?

1)Users get to the landing page where they will be asked to subscribe in order to receive push notifications - they will have two options "Allow" and "Block". As soon as they click on "Allow" option, they are instantly included into Push Notifications Mailing Database.

2) The user does not necessarily have to be on your website or landing page for notification to appear.

3) You get money!

How do I get paid?

We work on Revshare basis.

After subscription, the user will start receiving periodic notifications and you will start getting regular and lifelong profit. In order for this to work, the user does not necessarily have to be on your website or landing page after he has agreed to receive push-notifications. You will benefit from each click/impression/conversion, while the user is subscribed. Payments occure weekly on Thursday-Friday for the previous week. Requests for payments form automatically. We pay by Webmoney / Epayments / Paypal / BTC / Wire. The minimum payment amount is 50 USD

We have a referral program! Invite your friends and get 5% from their income. Referral link will be available in your account
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