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Backlink Database
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Rankd SEO
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$34.99 monthly membership; $59.99 3-month membership; $99.99 1-year membership
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Are you tired of buying backlinks?

Are you tired of low-quality backlink sellers that provide poor-quality work?

Have no funds to spend hundreds of dollars to build backlinks?

Would like to build backlinks yourself but don't know how?

Have you ever struggled with building backlinks?

It takes A LOT OF EFFORT to build links. It’s a FACT.
The publicly available backlink lists are outdated, broken and most of the links don't work.

What's most important - you don't get the instructions on what to do to build the link.

Most of the times you have to spend a lot of time on the website to understand how to build the backlink.

Many websites have several places where to include links. Some of them are No-Follow and some of them are Do-Follow links.

You wouldn't want to miss the Do-Follow links! That's exactly what we offer!


Rankd SEO is a completely new approach to Building Backlinks!

We have DETAILED GUIDES on How to build backlinks on hundreds of websites!

No one has done it before the way we do it.

What Will You Gain by Joining Rankd SEO?

· No more struggle Finding websites to get Backlinks from!

· Use our backlink guides to rank your websites higher on Search Engines like Google and Bing.

· No more struggle remembering each of the website specifics on building backlinks. We got you covered! Follow our step-by-step guides on how to acquire backlinks on all the listed websites.

· Use our guides to build your own Backlink building Business by providing backlink services to others!

· Latest backlink building opportunities in the industry. We add new backlink opportunities regularly.

· SAVE MONEY by building links yourself. We got all the information you need to help you succeed.

· No more spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on backlink building services! By having access to our database you’ll pay a fraction of the cost that it would cost to buy the backlinks from service providers. We have the Best Value-to-Benefit Ratio in the industry.

· SAVE TIME by not doing research on where to place backlinks. We’ve already done that for you.

Who is this service for?

· Individual website owners who are looking for backlink opportunities to rank their sites higher on search engines.

· Advanced website owners who have multiple websites.

· Website owners who are looking for ways to save money while building backlinks.

· Website owners who are looking to save time by not having to do research on backlink opportunities.

· SEO gurus.

· Backlink service providers / backlink sellers.

· SEO Agencies.

Why should you buy access to our database for longer than one month?

Building backlinks take a lot of time, literally.

Even with our backlink guides, it would take you days of non-stop work to build all backlinks in our database. And that’s only if you got one website.

What if you got several websites? Then it might take you even longer.

And if you’re providing backlink building services yourself, you wouldn’t want to live without our database. And we’re not saying it just to say it. It really is that good!

Here’s a Sneak Peak of what to expect Inside:

A huge list of backlinks (200+):


Hundreds of articles like this one (example):





How much does the Access to the Backlink Database cost?



Q: Are there any extra costs after buying the access?
A: No. All the links on our database can be acquired for FREE.

Q: Will there be new links added in time?
A: Links will be added on a regular basis. Service is launched with 200+ link building opportunities.

Q: How can I get in touch with you?
A: Ask all the questions here on the thread.

Q: Why would I pay for more than one month? Wouldn't I be able to build links within a month?
A: If you got only one website, then you definitely can build the links in time. If you got more than one website, then you might not be able to make it in time.
The second benefit of having long-term access is to receive the latest link building opportunities and guides when they get published.
For link sellers & agencies, long-term membership is the Best Option.
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