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Visual tracker with all the freedom you dreamed of.

  1. Jaouad Kay
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    Hey There,

    Raacan is a very powerful visual tracker that allows you to build complex funnels with extreme ease.

    What makes raacan stand out?

    • Visual funnel builder
    • Powerful stats engine ( with funnel visualizer, wait until you see it ;) ), it took me a lot of time to make this even possible!
    • Track multiple goals at the same time. ( while other trackers only allow you to track Click throughs and basic conversions, Raacan goes even far than that with unlimited goals per campaign )
    • Unlimited tracking parameters per traffic source. ( Yes! you heard that right, no more max 20 tracking parameters per traffic source kinda things!! )
    • plus a lot more than I can cover in this short introduction

    I'll make Raacan free to download and install on your server, yes it's self hosted, you get to keep all your data private.

    • Conditional nodes.
    • Landing page hosting
    • Media manager
    • And few other things that I will anounce soon.

    Here is a screenshot of a simple funnel I created. (Simple only in Raacan of course!)