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“AdsEmpire”/  Direct Affiliate is a push notification service that allows you to both collect your own base is a push notification service that allows you to both collect your own base v.2.1

Product Name
Push notifications
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Platform Name
Up to 10000 subscribers - free Up to 20000 subscribers - $10
Payment Types Accepted
  1. Wire
  2. Other
Created with affiliate marketers in mind, the service helps you send push notification signup requests to all users who visit your landing page.

Moreover, with this service, you can segment and set up detailed targeting, schedules, and interval-based sending.

You might ask, "Why do I need to collect my base when I can sell push traffic to the ad network?" The answer is simple: because it will be EXCLUSIVELY your subscriber base, which you can convert over and over again to different referrals and verticals using new creatives. According to numerous tests, additional monetization of traffic shows results beyond all expectations: +20-30% to your usual ROI.

And if you feel that you have too much traffic, you can always sell it inside the service.

Why Pushtorm?

  • Pay only for active users
A new pay period starts with clearing your database from unsubscribes. Practice shows that after a year of using similar services, you start paying more for unsubscribes than for active users. With us, you pay only for the latter.

  • Send speed from 20 seconds
You can spam the collected users, e.g. from cheap traffic sources.

  • Hourly setting of newsletters and configuration of interval-based sending depending on the subscription duration
A very useful tool for an experienced affiliate marketer, for example, to promote creative dating offers in the evenings or more often:)

  • Stable work
Coding in C# and refusing to use FireBase in favor of our servers allow the service to work seamlessly with no bugs and glitches.

  • Infinite redirect
This feature allows to constantly redirect the user to the URLs you specify when they click on the Block button. You can send them to the same subdomain pages, so no user leaves you.

  • Free plan
You can use Pushtorm for free and send unlimited notifications until you reach 10,000 subscribers.

  • Price
Analyzing our competitors' pricing policy, we can say that for similar functionality we offer the lowest prices in the market.

Haven’t signed up yet? Hurry up and start gathering your base and start earning more.

In the meantime, we leave you here with a promo code for 15% on your first deposit. The code is AFFILIATEFIX23

If you have any questions, contact our friendly manager who will always tell you what currently works better for conversion :)
Telegram: Misha
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