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Pushflow - Supercharge your affiliate marketing with your own push subscription feeds

Pushflow - Supercharge your affiliate marketing with your own push subscription feeds 2021-03-03

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Push notifications
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Starts from $15 per 30000 subs
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  1. Payoneer
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We are here to help you squeeze all the juice out of your traffic with personal push subscription and apple calendar feeds. Pushflow is a push notification platform that helps affiliate marketers to build their own push subscription feeds and send an unlimited number of targeted push notifications later to their audience.

Most affiliates just run traffic from a traffic source to an affiliate program, but almost no one thinks that they can save part of this traffic and then reuse it across different offers/verticals/angels. A simple concept: you integrate the collection of push subscriptions to your landing pages and a certain number of your visitors subscribe. You do not change anything in your affiliate flow, but now you have your own push subscription feed which is slowly but inevitably growing in the background. After that, you can send an unlimited number of targeted push notifications to your subscribers as you can do in any push notification network.

Several strategies to help increase your ROI by 20-30% with your own push subscriptions:
  • Get more conversions from your current funnel: get users back to the offer, test new prelanders and angels.
  • Convert one user to multiple verticals: send push notifications for the different verticals to one user
  • You always have your own traffic source with predictable traffic quality

✅ Pushflow could be helpful for:
  • affiliates who already run profitable campaigns and want to get more from their traffic
  • webmasters who want to monetize traffic from their sites on their own
  • offer owners who are aimed to return visitors to the offer

❤️ Why do affiliate marketers like us?
  • It takes no more than 5 minutes to start collecting subscriptions.
  • Built specifically for affiliates. Familiar to all: tokens, postbacks, integrations with trackers
  • Various opt-in widgets and ready-made prelanders
  • A support team that will help both technically and advise on affiliate questions

We are here to help you earn more.

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