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Generate Mobile Landing Pages For CPA Mobile Offers

  1. jims45
    Extremely useful tool and excellent value for money. Highly reccommended!
  2. Hunter S Robbins
    Hunter S Robbins
    PureLander is better than Leadpages and Instabuilder 2.0.

    I just subscribed a bit ago. Had a chance to play around a bit to get familiar and watch the helpful videos.

    Love how simple and clean the editing features are. What powerful extras for increasing CTR and conversions. The lading pages load lightening fast.

    I own instabuilder 2.0 but as we all know, WP is slower than a slug, especially with a dozen and more heavy landing pages getting pounded all at once. Leadpages was a lot like Instabuilder. I'd spend hours tweaking their drag and drop landers or not get any flexibility in their other type of landing page templates. I never could get their landing pages to load very quickly.

    But now all that is behind me. I'm going to begin moving some of my self hosted pages onto purelander.

    I almost forgot to mention how much I love your easy to use file system to keep all my landers organized. The file system for my self hosted landers is a mess and Leadpages is not anywhere as organized and user friendly.
  3. Nkrastins95
    Being a person who's not very smart at coding, this product saves a lot of time, energy, and resources. Just pick your template, modify, download, upload to your server and start running you campaign! Fast and easy! Another great bonus is that each template is optimized for every screen and the page by itself is "slim" as possible from HTLM code! Thumbs up!
  4. JamesMerritt
    Just signed up on your website to check out the use of your platform and what landing pages you have to offer and I would like to say that what you are providing is well worth every penny. Several great landing pages. Love the options to be able to customize the landing pages within your platform. I would say the price that you ask for access everything is well worth the price. Personally, I am surprised you do not charge more than what you do. Very much worth the investment.
    1. tyoussef
      Author's Response
      we are really glad that you like purelander
      new things coming these days :)
      i will let it as a surprise