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Priocta - organizational change management solution

Priocta - organizational change management solution

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20% commission each month from everyone you refer
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Priocta is a SaaS service for business managers and executives to cope with the most common problem that they have, managing and success in organizational change project. Priocta is not a project management tool but more change metrics and analysis tool.

Organizations today are in the middle of constant change in their business environment, and thus having pressure to success in change management more than ever. In that sense, there is a huge market to reach.

The Priocta solution uses weekly question cycles to deliver insight to executors about organizational change. With the collected data managers or executives can perceive the intensity and integrity of the change, react faster to the current situation, engage employees, and base decisions on facts instead of gut-feeling. See more from

In the core of Priocta is simplicity and user friedliness. All features that manager and executives appreciate.

Data is gathered via free mobile app that can be found both AppStore and PlayStore.

Priocta includes several useful features that are selected to be included by real life need from our customers. Among others features are, insightful dashboard, dashboard sharing, user groups, push notifications, option to choose anonymous answering, data export, etc.

As a vendor we support our affiliates with marketing to end-customer, offering extensive amount of asset (banners, images, logos, etc.), and we offer support both to end-customers and affiliates. See our affiliate program here.

See the less than 2 minutes video in which the value of Priocta for a customer is explained.

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