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PPC Protect

PPC Protect Certified

Programs Name
PPC Protect Affiliate Program
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Minimum Payment
$17.50/month recurring
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-30
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
Referral Period
30 days

Welcome to the PPC Protect affiliate program!

PPC Protect makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to improve the traffic quality from their Google Ads campaigns and automatically eliminate click fraud.
Our famous two minute setup and automated system means no technical knowledge is needed - just plug in and away you go.
Your visitors can create a PPC Protect account in seconds and be fully protected against all forms of click fraud.

The Opportunity

There are millions of PPC advertisers out there, spending billions per year on Google Ads.
But they don't realise that up to 20% of their spend is being lost to fraud. Bot clicks, scrapers, competitors clicking their ads, the list goes on......
They're missing out on the highest quality traffic that pay per click campaigns can bring, but you can offer them the solution, thanks to PPC Protect, by promoting us on your website.

How do I become a PPC Protect affiliate?

  1. Get a link: We give you a link that’s unique to you which you use on your website or in your emails.
  2. Share the Link: Your visitor clicks on this link, our system tracks that they came from your website.
  3. Customer Signs Up: Your visitor browses our website and may decide to sign up to a free trial.
  4. Earn Commission: When you visitor converts on to a paid plan, we record the sale and credit you with your commission.

Why you'll love promoting PPC Protect

  • Truly Innovative Product: Promote an innovative product in a hugely popular and growing niche, with multiple awards and backing from some of advertising's biggest names.
  • Industry Leading Payouts: With a recurring 25% commission payment, and plans ranging from $70 to $240 per month, you don't need many conversions to earn big!
  • Award Winning Technology: We've won multiple awards for our anti click-fraud technology, and have been recognized as one of the UK's most promising cybersecurity & SaaS startups.
  • Custom Affiliate Resources: Drive visitors to custom landing pages, designed with your branding in mind, for a seamless conversion pathway.

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