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Postoplan Affiliate Program - 50% from each sale

Postoplan Affiliate Program - 50% from each sale

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POSTOPLAN is a Smart automatic social media and messenger marketing platform that allows you to create, schedule, and promote content.

You don’t need any other apps to manage your social media business and personal accounts - Postoplan allows you to create content plan, schedule your posts, search and edit pictures, communicate with your subscribers and track the statistics on published posts.

We have a 10-level remuneration system. What does it mean?
You get as much as 50% from the purchases of each of your invited referrals, as well as accruals from purchases of referrals of your referrals, referrals of their referrals and so on up to level 10 referrals :)

Thus, your referrals will build you a bonus structure up to level 10 without your participation. Confused? :) Let's take a closer look:

How does our referral program work?
Participating in the POSTOPLAN affiliate program will get you:
  • 50% from the purchase of level 1 referral
  • 3% from purchase of level 2 referral
  • 2% from purchase of levels 3-5 referrals
  • 1% from purchase of levels 6-10 referrals
What do referrals of different levels mean?
A level 2 referral is the person who was invited by your referral.
A level 3 referral is the one who was invited by your level 2 referral etc.

The rules are simple, you don't need to sell anything! Just share an affiliate link to an excellent service that we provide for managing social networks and instant messengers.

  • We do not stretch the payment for months, you get the highest payouts here and now.
  • You can use all types of traffic sources except contextual advertising for the POSTOPLAN brand.
  • Minimum payout - $50
  • Payments can be made to PayPal, bank card, Yandex. Money, Webmoney, ePayments, BTC.
Why promote POSTOPLAN and not something else?
The simplest and most profitable system of accrual for partners - for buying VIP accounts!

It is not difficult to attract traffic to a convenient and profitable system for working with social networks and instant messengers. And it's easy to promote.

POSTOPLAN is a multilingual platform, so you can attract users from different countries.

The affiliate program has 10 levels you can earn both on the purchases of your referrals and on the purchases of those people who were invited by your referrals.

To join our affiliate program, you have to register on our website and click "Refer & Get up to $50" button. Or follow this link.

Cookie duration is 120 days - it is enough time to check all the benefits of using POSTOPLAN and purchase it.

If you have any questions about the affiliate program, we will be happy to answer them. To do this, write to Support
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