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Hi there,

Please meet Performaxy a CPA network with racy fresh advertising solutions.

We offer:

Top offers.

We work with well-tried offers only that have already been tested with different traffic types.

We save your time and money.

We give you a ready-made solution of creative + offer combination. We always carefully test different connections and release only optimal schemes for the chosen offer.

Low traffic loss.

We work with a large number of direct advertisers and it allows us to reduce the number of redirects to a minimum.

Flexible payment terms.

Flexible payout basis up to Net7 with a variety of payment methods: PayPal, Wire, Paxum or ePayments. We can pay bi-daily to trusted partners.

Dedicated support.

Our team of experts in affiliate marketing industry can help you to perform best in affiliate marketing and ready to assist you with any issues.

GEO best to monetize

Our strongest GEOs are: US, GB, ID, IN, EG, ZA, JP, BR, TH, IT

But there are no limits – we’re able to provide the offers for any GEO.

Offers we working with

We pay for every action made depending on type of the offer (install, subscription, registration, filling the form out etc.)

All you need is just to:
Sign in (and start working with us)
skype live:elias_4084 or email

Hey guys,

We had been keeping the silence for a long time and hadn’t updated the topic, it happens... Though we were working with some private and exclusive campaigns (from Apus as example and other adverts) While some of affiliates slammed the door on CPI 2 years ago, some of them (yep you know who i’m talking about) got really good money with chinese utilities :slightly_smiling_face:
We are still perfect with the vertical besides we have opened such well-know for you offers as sweepstakes, dating, gambling, push notification etc. 

Present day we have the direct offers of the all verticales above. You can choose any flow you prefer: CPL SOI, DOI, CC-submit, CPL, CPA CPE etc. As well we are still working fine with our favorite vertical – CPI and we are equipped with WW apk offers, GP campaigns UCBrowser, File Manager, Apusapps :wink: and lots of other we want to present you. Although we suggest you to focus on both mobile and desktop campaigns – you would definitely be satisfied with the performance.

By the way, pay your attention to our great Taboo offer – It convert CPE but really interested one – the event is subscription that is a must for the male audience, it works really fine on CN and TR market and adult sources (there are lots of other geos available!), especially with our original creative :slightly_smiling_face:

And just a bit about us – we are the european media agency from the netherlands, at first we were oriented on our needs and own traffic sources and had connected just a few majorable afiliates. We used to work privately and then decided to push boundaries and come into an affiliate market :slightly_smiling_face:
We are always opened to dialog and new ideas, glad to assist or advice the best targets, if you need some offers we can try to find and connect it for you, also we can help with landing pages and advice some traffic sources for any kind of offers.
Payouts and hold periods are quite flexible things and we are always can find the best solution for both of us .
Our team is full of well-experienced professionals went through water and fire – they know exactly what you need to earn money. We won’t lie and tell you we are dream of your ROI and your profit as others do. Let’s be honest to each other – a basis of projects is a profit and we want to increase it. But how can we reach that? The only stable way is to be a reliable, responsible and qualified partner. We believe it is the absolutely direct correlation: you scale your numbers – we scale our ones! We do our best to let your profit increase more and more, cause…. (if you still haven't been catching the things – just leave it and stay at home dreaming of the fairy godmother)
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