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Performa XL Wellness Affiliate Program Certified

33% commission - Proprietary Tech – Immune System, Appetite Control, Hormone Balancing

  1. Ronald Meador
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    Performa XL Wellness
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    Radiant Skin Sciences is a highly innovative company that is focused on the application of an advanced biophysics technology for the benefit of wellness.

    We own the global rights for the proprietary Vital Cell Induction Process.

    This is a non-chemical yet natural based improvement on the state of the art for skincare and wellness and is a truly world-class breakthrough for consumers that are desiring more effective products.

    How are we different?
    While each of these products are highly effective for their intended purpose, we are able to do an innovative product build that is DRUG FREE and uses an organic coconut as a base for the topical application!

    Have you heard it all before?
    With our exclusive technology we ARE ABLE TO DELIVER on the promise and are happy to back up the claims with SAMPLES FOR INTERESTED POTENTIAL AFFILIATES.

    Are You in the Wellness Niche?
    [​IMG] There are several thousand monthly $$$ reasons why you will want to become our affiliate!

    Providing Potential Performance Leaders For Billion Dollar Categories:

    POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTERS - Immuno Surge, Immuno Daily

    Our exclusive quantum field technology delivers an impressive advancement for your innate immunity level - overnight!


    imagine simply applying a dab on your wrist and feeling pretty darn content (with even a downright upbeat good feeling!) about WHENEVER you decide to eat and then find that you become TOTALLY SATISFIED WHILE EATING LESS... works with any diet you wish to follow OR just eat what you want (because over time you will consume about 30% less) and you are always in control... you must try this!

    HORMONE BALANCING - TestoTonic, Male Infusion, Oasis, Godiva Youth Infusion

    The advanced biological delivery of these products is promptly felt by the consumer and they are experienced as quite effective and far superior to offerings that are incessantly advertised on television.

    BODY AND BRAIN LONGEVITY - Mito Boost Cell Vitalizer

    An exclusive means of building the health and reproduction levels of your crucial cell mitochondria.


    An exclusive drug-free wellness pathway to stay away from depressive states of mind.

    DYNAMIC MENTAL & PHYSICAL STIMULATION - Male Infusion, Godiva Youth Infusion

    Perhaps the most powerful stimulant available on the planet, and yet it is natural based by being produced internally by your own body simulating youthful levels.

    Does just what it says to level mature females.

    WORLD CLASS SKIN TISSUE REGENERATION - Cell Vitalizing Preparation

    You will just have to see the demonstration for the amazing results achieved with our proprietary technology.

    These products are topically applied. All are Drug and Herb Free!

    All of our products are biophysically empowered and Highly Effective!

    In fact, our products are more effective than Current Marketplace Leaders!

    So is that real innovation? We say... Yes, it surely is!

    Our Technology allows us to provide these advanced wellness offerings at very affordable prices bringing you lots of sales!

    Come and take a ride with us you will not be disappointed. This is a long-term good earnings opportunity, and by the way, we will NOT be eventually going to Amazon.

    Check out our website to learn more about these amazing products! www.performa-xl.com