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First of all, English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part

We are two French friends and after years working in web development, my partner and myself decided to embark on the wonderful world of affiliate marketing :) And we reached the 1000$/day in 2016 by working with many differents affiliate networks ! But a boring and recurring task quickly became problematic: How much i’ve done today ? At this exact moment ? A lot of solutions already existed, but sometimes too expensive, complicated to set up or heavy to use daily. We wanted a simple and automatic tool: PDT Cash borned in our mind !

In the first version, just « Today, this Month, this Year » amounts was displayed and nothing customizable ! But we quickly became addicted to this little tool, the saved time was monstrous (many hours/week !).

A little memory comes back to me, (June 2016) we were in my friend's pool with a beer in hand. PDT Cash launched on his mobile and connected to the sound system of the house. At every conversion we listened to the sound of falling tokens and a screaming guy « JACKPOT ! » It was awesome ! :D

So we had the idea to launch it online to benefit affiliates like us. It has become an indispensable tool for us, so why not for you ?!
Since few days it's AVAILABLE, with new features advanced :​
  • Manage your Affiliate Networks​
  • Customizable Dashboard​
  • Notifications in real time​
  • Personalized Graphics of performances​
  • And more…​
PDT Cash is the result of several hundred hours of work and especially a real need that we had while working in the affiliation ! We hope you enjoy it and enjoy it as much as we do !​

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    Benjamin - PDTCash
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We've been working in partnership with PDT Cash and we are thrilled with the results. The team is comprised of real professionals and their support is amazing.
An innovative MUST-HAVE tool for Affiliates to be updated about your conversions and your overall results/earnings in real time, in the currency of your choice!