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OSHI Defender

80% Commission from each sale

  1. OSHI
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    OSHI Defender
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    • Net-15
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    365 days
    Anti-malware software is one of the growing market trends. Raising amount of scammers and potentially harmful programs that may receive access to your personal data put internet security on top of user’s interests.
    We are glad to bring you top converting anti-malware offer customized individually for your traffic.
    OSHI Defender offers fast and user-friendly solution to resolve malware threats for Windows. We collect over 10 databases, besides our own, in a single cloud-based service to provide maximum PC protection. Cloud-based architecture saves users time because there is no need of manual downloading and updating the database; instead user is provided with more security always staying up to date.

    How does it work?
    In order to maximize conversion rate we use Scan & Buy model. It means that user downloads OSHI Defender, scans his PC and when possible threat been detected, purchase is ultimately offered to delete malware. We use our own database + 3rd party databases. Together they highly increase the amount of found threats.

    OSHI Defender costs are:
    3 PC License for 6 months -- 44.99$
    5 PC License for 6 months -- 44.99$

    Why should you go for our offer?
    Our Affiliate Program supports trusted 3rd-party affiliate management networks with their secured processing systems. Therefore, you should be confident that all your payments are secured, and transferred on time. We support payouts via ACH, Wire Transfer and PayPal each 15 days.

    We provide:
    80% commission guaranteed!
    - Localization into 11 languages
    - Individual customization for your traffic
    - Live email and skype support
    - High average eCPC for targeted traffic
    - Coupons 20-50%


    If you have any questions, you can easily contact me via email, skype or ICQ below.
    Email: d.orlov@oshisoftware.com
    Skype: d.orlov_5
    ICQ: 167078033