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Orangear Performance Marketing Platform

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  1. Precise city, device, OS, and carrier


    Our platform provides city targeting for the most demanding offers

    Being specific with targeting is one of the best ways to cut the losses. We wanted to magnify the level of precision, so now you have an opportunity to choose specific cities and carriers to target.

  2. Offer Check in the External (API)

    Checking offer tracking link becomes more comfortable with the new “Check” button in the list of External (API) offers.

    From now on, two clicks is all you need:

    – go to the list of offers, that are yet to be added to your system, and click the “Check” button;


    – agree with or change targeting settings and click “Check” again....
  3. Receive information on skipped publishers through API

    Receive information on skipped publishers through API

    Do you recall those exhausting times when you had to remember which affiliates to skip for which offers?

    No more of that!

    Now, as your advertiser specifies this information on their platform, you will automatically receive it through API as soon as the offer updates....
  4. Cross Payment feature in Billing

    Cross Payment feature in Billing

    We’ve added a Cross Payment feature to our Billing section.

    The update allows simplifying your cooperation with partners, who serve as both your advertisers and publishers at the same time.

    E.g., previously, you needed to generate two invoices: one for the advertiser and one for the publisher, both due.

    The Cross Payment invoice shows the...
  5. App Whitelist in Advertiser section


    You already know that creating or editing an advertiser’s profile you can skip or allow traffic from certain affiliates.

    Now we’ve added an opportunity to use App Whitelist to specify applications that can work as traffic sources for a particular advertiser....