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Might.io - Performance Tracker

Right Choice of Performance Tracking Software

  1. might_io
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    free during beta
    Powerful reporting
    Get On-the-Fly reports are updated in real time, see everything important to you in report section instantly. Truly flexible analytics help to discover insights that were hidden before. No limits at all - play with stats in any way you want.


    1ms redirect latency
    We’re obsessed with speed. The core of the platform is written in C ++.

    11 datacenters
    Quick ping to each server in combination with high-performance code allows us to minimize traffic loss.

    Up to 5 goals for tracking
    + 3 goals reserved for statuses. More granular reports - more data to optimize

    20+ redirect rules
    In addition, the ability to assign weights for paths and auto optimization.

    Cool feature to discover how different segments perform over time. One-click solution to get information where to focus your marketing efforts. This type of report is very useful in case of any sudden changes in campaign performance and you want to find the reason quickly and without extra actions.


    Friendly links
    Create your own friendly links for higher CTR.

    Give access to your account to other users with full control of permissions.

    A/B testing
    Test any combinations of landing pages and offers. Add custom URLs in one click.

    Smart design
    You will enjoy with our lightweight friendly interface that helps to minimize generating any report .

    The most effective way to explore how campaigns are evolving over time. Estimate your future income with ease. It’s a valuable feature for those who work with e-commerce, upsell, rebill offers. Cohort analytics provide insights that take your advertising to the next level.


    It’s FREE during Beta
    We are open to suggestions for improvement and will roll out many updates during beta test. Stay tuned!