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MaxBounty is a world-leading CPA network that has propelled thousands of affiliate marketers to success for 20+ years.

Notable network features include:
  • Access to a large collection of campaigns in diverse verticals such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Education, Market Research, E-Commerce and more.
  • Frequent performance rewards and bonuses that allow affiliates to maximize their ROI.
  • Dedicated support from a MaxBounty Affiliate Manager.
  • Always on-time, weekly affiliate payments
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Latest reviews

I see lot of bad reviews about them really about scamming affiliates. I hope they are not going to run away with peoples money and shut down.
Maxbounty is horrible! I monitor my traffic very well and can tell where and when someone is signing up...

Well I was sending all my customers to offers that were signing up and I was not getting credit. I asked my AM what is going on, my leads or not showing up...

He then proceeded to tell me that the advertiser or the network could be "scrubbing". I asked him what scrubbing means and he said they are stealing my leads.

He said networks steal leads, as well as advertisers....I do not think this is right when we do such hard work to generate money and they steal out hard working money!

I do not know about you but shouldn't it be illegal to to steal leads we produced?

He even told me offers such as vindale research steal leads all the time...If your company is supposed to be so reputable then how come you allow these fraud advertisers to steal our leads? I think its the company doing so!!

If anyone wants proof of this review I would be glad to show you.
How can I compile this, back when I started Affiliate Marketing not long ago, I joined Peerfly and MaxBounty, and started training, practice sending traffic and quality traffic to MaxBounty, I literally spent $1,000 on FaceBook 1st hand, and $1,000 on Zeropark after. Not to mention the tools and resources this and that.

So I remember I used to have a balance not being paid by them around $500 to $800 if I'm not wrong, because the information of Paypal I filled in was the old e-mail address. I wasn't notice because I thought they were Net30 and they moved me to Net15 without being noticed, so I thought the payment would be next month.

Until I started ZeroPark campaign, started to send mass traffic to one of their campaign, a game campaign, and I notice a mass sign up on this campaign, I was worried heck wait, I did not did any optimization and I'm getting a positive ROI? I contact the girl, I guess I'm not wrong her name was Val Husky, I asked her twice if there's any problem with my traffic, because it acted weird. She said no problem, I raise the volume, and 2 days before my payment date.


Yet the payment from Facebook Campaign and ZeroPark, the money I've spent were all gone into drain. They are reputation company yet they are doing this. Brand are in the help of media and public relation, but truth is not what the message being sent out.

I want to warn those people who are trying to get serious in business with them, if you're are skeptical about my words, I actually did opened a thread back in 2013 or 2014 here in AffiliateFix, invited Steve into talk, yet they ignore me. And not to mention Val immediately blocked me after my payment is not received. I've posted all detail and evidence there, feel free to take a read.
Maxbounty scamming me to worship the advertiser :( :-
hello folk
i want to share with you what's happen with me at maxbounty network !!!
it was my first month to me with them and my AM was ( Tania Laroche Duhamel ) i working with here with a lot of traffic sources as any new one to know what's good for them and continue with the good one and expect the bad one , till now it's good
at the first month i make about $2300 but they told me there are one offer have low quality traffic so will remove it and already did that and my payment was $2164 as i remember , so i ask if the other is good she told me from the beginning of the other month to 10th you will know the feedback and if any thing is bad will tell you and remove the bad payment from this offer ( and i was working at more than 10 offers ), so i stop all my traffic from all my sources and wait them .
it was 13th and nothing and i asked my AM told me every thing is ok , so i continue my working at the next month and make more than $5000 then at the 14th ( it was just one day and i will get my payment they told me your friend have bad quality traffic so your payment is hold and we will ask for review if you have a fraud traffic we will close your account as we did with him , ( my friend !!!!!! ) so i told my AM it's ok , by the way you already told me that my quality is good and i will get my payment and also for the next month my quality is good . ( i have screenshot from our chatting )
then after 10h i see that she block me at skype and didn't answer me all of AM that belong to maxbounty blocking me and send to me mail told me that my account is closed and if i think it was an error replay and told us why ? , and i did it and told them everything and ask them so why now you closed my mail but without any answer , and asking them about my old payment that them already get this money from the advertiser because they told me also before that they get the money and the feedback from 1th t 10th from every month then send to us the money if it the first time and it was weekly told us to return the money if the traffic is bad or there are any refunds , or say nothing that's mean everything is ok ,
so they already take the payment from the advertiser and come to 14th at the month and creating this problems and every one i talk to him say to me i have nothing to do !!! how and you told me from some days before that my quality is good so why so closed everything and take all of my payment ( it was all what i have ) and i already told my AM that and she told me the quality is good continue your working !!! but now they take from me all what i have really , i don't know what i do , and i have all proofs from my AM words to assure every word i had said it now
best newerk ever worked with
I'm looking for invitations to promote ... If you are interested please give me the answer
Skype: Loveyoutulau
I was really shocked to recieve the email from maxbounty where they mentioned that your account has been terminated for driving fraud traffic. I never drive spam bot traffic to maxbounty campaigns I just write review article around health and beauty offer and check the keyword density (monthly searches of the given keyword) on google adwords and promote offers that offer with SEO when my keyword ranks high on google it generates sales. I am honestly speaking I never drive spam bot traffic to any of the campaign with maxbounty I was just thinking to promote maxbounty health offers with native ads but unfortunately you terminated my account with no reason. This is not really good so far. I just want to get my account back :(
Just got approved after phone interview. Let's Roll! ;)
Among any CPA sites, I am really happy to work with MaxBonty because their offers convert faster, reliable and easy. They have good programs which are reputed and very professional. They have good tracking system and they paid me on time. So, they are excellent and impressive.