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APK installs monetization. Auto-SDK and Smartlinks

  1. MMobile
    Network Name:
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    Minimum Payment:
    50 USD
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-15
    • Weekly
    • Other
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    • Paypal
    • Other
    Tracking Software:
    Incentive Marketing:
    We specialize in monetizing APK installs, as well as any other Android traffic. Our monetization solution fits various types of partners: app developers, publishers, media buyers, APK portals, torrent, warez or any other distributors. Right now we offer two ad formats:​

    -No irritating endless redirects
    -All OS are accepted: Android, iOS, Win, MacOS, Other mobile/desktop devices (Java, WM e.t.c.)
    -NET0 payouts by default, weekly payouts are negotiable
    -Decent CPM rates
    -100% fill rate
    -Average system CPM/GEO rates for any date

    -NET0 payouts by default, weekly payouts are negotiable
    -Automatic ads SDK integration/mass integration into any APK file
    -APK tuning (changing package name, app name, icon e.t.c)
    -Flexible ads behavior (settings delays, ads frequency, hide app icon, don't show ads for Google Play installs e.t.c.)
    -For Google Play app updates our ads start after the update, without the need to launch the app itself, thus covering the whole userbase with the single update
    - For mediabuyers and traffic brokers: Sub IDs,postbacks and direct APK download links
    - Advanced reporting system with GEO/CPM/APPS breakdown as well as average system CPM/GEO rates for any date desired
    - Designated software for automatic download/upload e.t.c. of APK files from various sources
    - Flexible referral system starting from 7% and more
    - Payments: Wire, PayPal, BTC, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Webmoney. Other payment systems are negotiable.
    - Great support :)