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Lottery Partner


  1. lotterypartner
    Programs Name:
    Lottery Partner
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    up to 25%
    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Weekly
    • Other
    Payment Method:
    • Paypal
    • Other
    Referral Period:
    90 days
    [email protected]
    Lottery Partner is the official affiliate program of Lotto Agent, an international intermediary company providing lottery ticket delivering services of national lotteries worldwide.

    We guarantee to pay you commissions on each purchase made by those users who came to Lotto Agent from your site, maillist, socials, etc. The amount of our commission is up to 25% of sales. We offer the best terms for affiliates in the lottery business.

    The minimum withdrawal amount is $30. We offer the lowest withdrawal threshold among the similar affiliate programs.

    For maximum results, we’ve developed the unique marketing tools in 8 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Dutch. You can easily find suitable monetization facilities for your online resources.

    In addition, you’ll be able to see the detailed statistics on every transaction in your personal account. Its interface is compatible with any device including smartphones, tablets, etc.

    Finally, you can get residual income by inviting other webmasters and get up to 30% commission from their earnings.

    We are interested in cooperation with all webmasters without exception, including those who are involved in other branches of gambling.


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