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LoanSecure Affiliate Program

LoanSecure Affiliate Program

Programs Name
LoanSecure Affiliate Program
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$50 - $660
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Weekly
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
  2. Other
Referral Period
12 months
LoanSecure is launching an affiliate program to promote our online marketplace development service for pawn shops.

About Us
  • LoanSecure provides solutions to enable pawnshops to service customers remotely.
  • We help pawnshops to develop and operate their very own online marketplace to engage in collateral lending transactions with anyone in the US.
  • Customers can create accounts, request loans and upload pictures and videos of the items they wish to use as collateral, then ship those items for free to their store location in order to receive the loan.
    • We cover all shipping costs to and from your store and enable you to transact with customers directly on the platform.
  • Additional features include:
    • Verify customer ID’s in minutes using advanced software.
    • Track loan transactions and merchandise with ease.
    • Enter video chats with customers to view merchandise live before it is shipped.
    • Launch referral programs to promote your marketplace nationwide.
Affiliate Program Highlights
  • Earn $50 when a referred pawnshop signs up for our 30-day free trial.*
  • Earn 10% commission on referred pawnshops subscription fees (up to $55 per monthly renewal for maximum 12 months = $660).
  • Access a library of banners and logos to help promote your custom referral links.
  • Receive weekly reports on earnings.
  • Enjoy unlimited commissions from transactions (earn for up to 1 year from the same user).
  • Payouts processed weekly via PayPal, Bitcoin or Amazon Gift Card (minimum payout amount = $50).
Affiliate Codes & Referral Links
  • Each affiliate will be sent a unique affiliate code and referral link that you can share with pawnshops to enter when they register.
    • Example code: loan6b3tz
  • When a referred user uses your referral code to enter the site, the 9-digit affiliate code will already be filled into the ‘enter referral code’ box on the form that is located at the bottom of our website front page.
  • The referred user must submit the form at the bottom of the front page with the code in order for the affiliate to be compensated.

*A pawnshop only becomes a qualified lead when they register for our 30-day free trial and we have spoken to their team to confirm their interest in testing our services

What does the 30-Day Trial include?
  • Before the trial period, we spend 1-2 weeks developing a private marketplace to first be tested internally by the pawnshop's employees.
  • We replicate the marketplace shown in this example (, except with their brand name, theme and a few other modifications.
  • We then work with their team to run some practice transactions.
  • For example, we could start with an employee creating an account and submitting a loan request using an everyday household item as collateral (a book, an old electronic device, etc).
  • We script out the entire process; from creating a loan request to ID verification to shipping and returning the item back to the employee's home address once the loan is repaid. This should make it easy for anyone in their team to test the platform just by following step-by-step instructions.
  • All of this is free and they can cancel anytime if they don't think it's a good fit.
  • The goal of the trial is for their team to experience what it would be like to interact with a customer online through the marketplace and complete a collateral loan transaction.
Please direct all questions about the affiliate program to

* LoanSecure Privacy Policy *
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