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Lingoda - The Online Language School

Learn English, German, French and Spanish online with qualified, native speaking teachers

  1. Lingoda
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    Lingoda - The Online Language School
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    Minimum Payment:
    50$ or 25€
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    • Net-15
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    • Wire
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    Lingoda is an online language school for German, English, French and Spanish. Our qualified teachers are not only exclusively native speakers but they are also committed to providing the best learning experience to students from all over the world.

    Our interactive group- and private classes are held online via Live-Chat or Skype™ and are available around the clock, 24/7. Our students can learn a new language, whenever, wherever, and however they like. All they need is an internet connection, microphone and speakers – and the classes can begin!

    About our Program:
    • 50€ per sale
    • 60€ per sale after 15 sales
    • 75€ per sale after 50 sales
    • Landing Pages available in 6 Languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic)
    • Personal and individual support by our affiliate marketing team via affiliate@lingoda.com
    • Click-to-Lead Conversion Rate: >16%
    • Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rate: 1,5%
    • Commission will only be payed when the customer has finished the 7-day money-back period
    • We do not allow affiliates to use Pay Per Click (PPC/CPC) advertising or any paid social network advertising on our brand name or any Lingoda URL