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Lifetime Recurrent Commission for Freemium Video Plugin.

Lifetime Recurrent Commission for Freemium Video Plugin.

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Wizzymotion Affiliate Program
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15% recurring lifetime
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-15
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
Referral Period

A Revolution in Video Creation​

At the heart of innovation and collaboration, Wizzymotion is more than a platform – it's a movement that empowers video creators around the world. We recognize the passion and talent in every frame, in every animation and, therefore, we have developed a unique ecosystem where creativity is not only celebrated but also fairly rewarded. Our disruptive approach turns creative energy into a currency of exchange, allowing creators to mutually benefit from sharing and consuming original templates. Here, every contribution has its value, and collaboration becomes the key to unlocking new possibilities and horizons. Join Wizzymotion and be part of a global community that redefines the boundaries of video creation, where each member is an essential link in a chain of innovation and inspiration. Because together, we are not just creators; we are a revolution!

Wizzymotion Affiliate Program​

Earn 15% lifetime commissions while your referrals subscribe to Wizzyplus.​

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A passive income stream for the rest of your life.​

At Wizzymotion, we value partnership and collaboration, firmly believing that "together we go further". That's why we proudly offer an affiliate program with lifetime commissions, an approach that reflects our commitment to fair and lasting relationships. Unlike many companies that only pay commissions at the point of initial conversion, at Wizzymotion we opt for a more equitable model. We understand that when an affiliate brings us a customer, the value of that action extends beyond the first contact or purchase. Therefore, we reward our affiliates with ongoing monthly commissions, as long as the referred user continues to contribute to our profit. We believe this approach not only encourages our affiliates to seek long-term customers, but also reinforces our commitment to building a sustainable and mutually beneficial business ecosystem. In short, as our affiliates prosper, so does Wizzymotion. Join us on this journey of continuous growth and fruitful partnerships. Because at Wizzymotion, we grow together.

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How to become an affiliate?​

To participate in our affiliate program and start enjoying the benefits of Wizzymotion's lifetime commissions, follow these simple steps:1. Account Creation Go to the signup page of our affiliate program using the button at the end of this page and create your account using the same email you use to access your Wizzymotion account. This helps to keep your information synchronized.2. Email Confirmation After registration, check your inbox for the email confirmation code (This may take a few minutes, please also check your spam folder). This code is necessary to access your affiliate dashboard and complete your registration for approval.3. Complete your Registration With the code received in the email, access your affiliate dashboard and fill in the additional information. You will need to provide the email of your PayPal account (for receiving commissions), and also need to set up your personalized affiliate link. (We suggest putting exactly the same username that you use in Wizzymotion)4. Account Approval If your account is approved by our affiliate department (within 7 days), you will receive an email and can access your dashboard to track the status of all conversions generated by your link.5. Promoting the Link With everything ready, start promoting your affiliate link. The more promotion, the greater the chances of attracting new subscribers to Wizzyplus and increasing your commissions.

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How will I receive my commissions?​

When a new user registers on Wizzymotion through your affiliate link, we record that connection. If that user subscribes to WizzyPlus within 90 days of creating their account, you qualify for a 15% commission on the subscription. This commission is ongoing and will be paid as long as the referred user's subscription is active and paid. It is important to note that commissions are processed on a NET15 basis. This means that commission payments are made 15 days after the end of the month, ensuring an adequate period to handle potential refunds, cancellations, or disputes. This procedure is in place to offer more security for both you and us, ensuring that the commissions paid reflect valid and completed transactions.


If you have any questions or need help signing up for the program or creating your affiliate link, just send an email to:

or in the Affiliates channel in the Discord community
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