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CRM and Billing SaaS that automates affiliates, customers, documents, bills and invoices management.

  1. Igor K
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    Starting from 230 USD per month with 100 000 Conversions included
    Payment Types Accepted:
    • Wire
    CRM and Billing Software
    for Networks on HasOffers

    Control Sales, Manage Bills, Invoices and Payments.
    Focus on Performance! Not paperwork.

    Our Ideal Customer is:
    Performance Advertising Network running on HasOffers by TUNE working both with Online and Mobile Ad campaigns.
    Having 30-100 Employees, 1000s of Affiliates and 100s of Advertisers.

    Item8 is seamlessly integrated with HasOffers via API to automate your paperwork:

    CRM Features:
    • Collecting and managing Advertiser and Affiliate leads
    • Managing Contacts
    • Exporting lists to MailChimp
    • Managing multiple Legal entities of parties
    • Creating and managing Agreements and IOs as well as generating them in PDF/DOC
    • Storing any kind of reports and custom files in Advertisers' and Affiliates' profiles
    Billing Features:
    • Creating Postpaid Bills and Invoices on HasOffers stats
    • Creating Bills and Invoices with any Custom stats
    • Managing Bills and Invoices lifecycle and approval process
    • Auto-emailing Bills and Invoices to Advertisers and Affiliates
    • Generating Bills and Invoices in PDF
    • Managing Payments and creating Mass-Payment Orders
    • Managing coverage of Payouts by Advertisers' Invoices
    • Syncing Bills, Invoices and Payments with QuickBooks
    Customizable, Cross-linked and Easily-shared Reports for
    • Affiliates and Advertisers
    • Affiliates Traffic Sources
    • Bills and Invoices
    • Debt and Credit
    • Payments and Adjustment
    • Financial Repositories CashFlow
    • Daily Email Digest on how your offers perform
    Learn more about the features and Try Demo of Item8