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Ads Tracking Software

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    $36 One Time Payment For Unlimited Use
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    iPath – The Unique Ads Tracking Software for best monitoring and optimizing your campaigns. This is the piece of software every internet marketer had dreamed of. Whether you work in affiliate marketing or you promote your own services/products, iPath gives you the ability to host your own tracking software on your own domains and use them for unlimited campaigns and traffic. This will let you being free of those extreamly expensive charges that you may spend on paid tracking softwares like “Voluum”, “AdsBridge”, “HasOffers” and many others …
    STOP paying hundreds of dollars to those expensive plateforms and buy your own plateform for this “almost-free-one-time” price and boost your net profits out of your campaigns !!

    Main Features
    The easiest and most complete ads tracking system.
    • Create and manage campaigns quickly.
    • Create and manage affiliate networks and link them to any campaign.
    • Create and manage offers and link them to any campaign.
    • Create and manage traffic sources and link them to any campaign.
    • Easy in-built HTML Landing pages builder.
    • Analyse data and generate your custom statistics reports.
    • Track conversions and related financials metrics and get your campaigns optimized accordingly.