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Ilcoin by ilgamos

Ilcoin by ilgamos

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First of all I will like to say HI and tell you I APPRECIATE that you are trying to search for an oportunity to make real money.
real company – trust me

So I will try to develop the basics ideas:

Ilgamos invites you to invest in GOLD and ILCOIN.
Make your own gold reserve and join other investors in digital coins.

1. Why gold?
When you think about gold you can feel the idea of getting rich. Gold brings power and financial stability for thousands of years. So with other words, when you have gold you have money. Ilgamos program include investing money into gold reserve and get some benefits. (this is the best plan to reserve part of the money you earn with crypto coins).

2. About ILCoin

Ilcoin its a modern alternative for Bitcoin. (v2.0 you can say)
- SHA-256 encryption –easy to mine in pool;
- 2,5 Billions available, 113 000 000 mined;
- own trading platform –price stability;
- good marketing strategy;
- commission when refer;
-new coin –new coin BIG potential.

3. About the company
Ilgamos is a group of young and dynamics companies estabilished in Arab Emirates, Germany and Hong Kong. Ilgamos is the first marketing system with easy ways to invest money in gold, with guarantee of giving a part of the money back. ... and now let’s get to the interesting part...

4. Products
I will skip the part with buying gold and get to the Ilcoin part.
By making an account , you become an ilgamos partner. You will have your own weboffice. (I will explain everything if you are in to make sure you can handle it!)
Next step is buying a package. You will get OPR (“optional purchasing rights”) points which is the “entry ticket” to the ILC mining pool. You will get 4 times OPR numbers your reward for participating at mining!

When you convert OPR in ILC you will get 7.1 ILC for every 5 OPR.


ENTRY PACK (45€ + 15€ single tax):
- 40 OPRs
- MLM Commissions ( I will describe in next section)

- 150 OPRs
- ONE doubling
- MLM commissions
Ex. Buying basic pack 185€ = 150 OPR.
After doubling you get 300 OPR = 423 ILCOINS (aprox. 340 €)

- 650 OPRs
- More MLM commissions!
- TWO doublings
Ex. Buying medium pack 700€ = 650 OPR.
After first doubling you have 1300 OPR. Waiting...
After second doubling you have 2600 OPR = 3666 ILC (aprox. 3000€)

- 1450 OPRs
- MORE MLM commissions!
- THREE doublings
Ex. Buying business pack 1995€ = 1450 OPR.
After first doubling you have 2900 OPR. Waiting...
After second doubling you have 5800 OPR. Waiting...
After third doubling you have 11600 OPR = 16356 ILC(aprox. 13000€)

- 5450 OPRs
- MORE MLM commissions!
- FOUR doublings
Ex. Buying smart pack 6995€ = 5450 OPR.
After first doubling you have 10900 OPR. Waiting...
After second doubling you have 21800 OPR. Waiting...
After third doubling you have 43600 OPR . Waiting...
After fourth doubling you have 87200 OPR = 123 000 ILC(aprox 98 300€)

When I got in ILC value was 0.5 €... now it’s 0.8 € and still going UP!

5. Commissions

Diagram is designed in two legs and you get next commissions:


- 10% referal bonus
- 10% weekly for pay leg(12% for smart pack)
- For medium pack you get 5% of referal ownings(10% for business and smart pack)
- For business and smart pack you get BONUS GOLD each month.

Overall, that’s what I have to offer, I will support you, help you and teach you best strategies for this kind of MLM. Send me a message or write an email – – if you decided to become Ilgamos partner I will show you how!

Referal Link: ILGAMOS

Good luck!
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