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HilltopAds Certified

Global ad network and traffic source

  1. HilltopAds
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    Platform Name:
    Traffic Types:
    • PPC
    • Display
    • Mobile
    • Adult
    • Native
    Minimum Deposit:
    Payment Types:
    • Wire
    • CC
    • Other
    [email protected]
    What’s new at HilltopAds!?
    We’ve updated our ad format inventory! We offer several high converting advertising units that comply with BetterAds.
    • clickable pops
    • popunder
    • popup
    *Native Ads*
    • Our Native Ads builder makes the ads completely blend into the website
    • Easy to set up with the help of Personal Manager
    • Native Ads click rates are 8 times higher than regular banner
    • It uses a mix of images and text
    • Responsive designs for all devices (mobile, desktop)
    - Desktop (160х600, 300х250, 728х90)
    - Mobile (300x50, 300x250, 300x100)
    We support iFrames format for HTML banners.
    *Direct Links*
    Monetize any kind of traffic with Direct Links or buy traffic straight from our Direct Link. Best to implement into the website content and use with Call to Action buttons.

    We work with mainstream and non-mainstream traffic. CPM, CPA, RTB system for Advertisers and Publishers. Deposit starts with $200. Self-serve platform and API with wide functionality.