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Higher Grades Faster!™

Higher Grades Faster!™

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Make Amazing Money Selling Something Amazing!

Hey there, Valued Affiliates!

Do you want to earn a minimum commission of US$100.00 for every single sale you make?

Do you want to sell a high-quality product with a giant, ever-renewing target market across North America, Asia and Europe?

Do you want to partner with a company that provides you with world-class text and video creatives that you can deploy across all your channels, including PPC?

Then Higher Grades Faster!™ from Mediolana® may be just what you are searching for.

•Mediolana® is offering a minimum commission of US$100.00 (US$150.00 in the first 30 days of membership) on every unit of their new study skills, productivity and personal development course Higher Grades Faster!™ (age category: 14-21), a luxury, physical product (DVD + Book course set) shipped and tracked worldwide via DHL Express GOGREEN climate-neutral shipping

Higher Grades Faster!™ can be used by students in the critical and formative 14-21 age group to dramatically increase their academic performance – particularly in the reading and writing sections of the ACT®, SAT® and GMAT® exams, assessments which are routinely used to determine entrance to elite colleges such as Harvard, Princeton and MIT – and earn millions of extra dollars in lifetime career earnings

•Higher Grades Faster!™ is a genuinely unique, cutting-edge product with a number of remarkable qualities, including being: (i) the world's only video-based grade augmentation course; (ii) the world's only educational product featuring five international fashion models, models who have starred in the publicity materials for some of the world's biggest brands (Coca-Cola®, Eurostar®, Marie Clare® and many others); (iii) designed by a journalist who is a double scholarship-winner from the world-famous University of Cambridge in England

•Great further incentives are available for high-performing affiliates

•We are looking to partner with ethical, top-class affiliates who want to make excellent money selling something meaningful

•Affiliates with significant content and social media properties in the parenting, K-12, college education, productivity, education, international students, homeschooling and higher education fields are especially encouraged to apply

➠For further details of the Mediolana® affiliate programme hosted at ShareASale, please click here.

➠More detailed product and affiliate information can be viewed at

We look forward to working with you!
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