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Social Media Growth and Engagement Services
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Minimum Payment
25% of any package we offer on entire website
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  1. Other
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
Referral Period
60 day cookie

If you are reading this you probably are an affiliate looking to make good commissions with a good company right?

Our affiliate program is the best out of all the social media growth services in the world because our price points are high and our commissions are high.
Our top affiliate is a Youtuber and affiliate marketer and he makes 3k-12k USD per month just from being an affiliate with us.

We noticed an opportunity in the market. While other services have gone out of business because they are strictly bot services we have prevailed because we do our implementation by actual humans. We are the top IG/Tiktok/Linkedin growth company in the market. We have been trusted by top brands like Mercedes, Playboy and Land Rover.

We have guaranteed growth and we're the only company in the market that has an AI system for sourcing & implementation by humans.

We offer a range of products, but our top service is a monthly growth service where our team spends 4-6 hours a day engaging with your niche audience. It is called the Hypergrowth package. We guarantee between 800-1500 targeted followers per month and loads of engagement on your posts.

Affiliate Program
We have an amazing affiliate program which pays out 25% commissions on each package via Paypal. Our top affiliate makes $3k-12k per month as mentioned before.

Here's a screenshot of our most recent Instagram Hypergrowth Affiliate sale to give you an idea of our payouts:


Send me a message if you would like more info about the program or visit to sign up.

Can't wait to chat over a coffee via zoom if you have questions.

Have a great day,

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Shawna Lum
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