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Golden Goose – monetize your mobile traffic under the wing of a powerful company

Ultimate mobile affiliate networks offers you 50$ on your EXOCLICK account

  1. Lady Goose
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    Golden Goose
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    • Daily
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    • Wire
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    Hi guys!
    We are thrilled to announce the launch of Golden Goose, as a Global Affiliate Agency . For over 10 years we proved our sustainability, being the leading VAS content provider in CIS countries. We grew big, gathered unique knowledge, teamed with international professionals and now we are ready to start our international expansion. ;)

    Celebrating our intenational launch, we offer you 50$ in your EXOCLICK account for your registation at gg.agency with promocode AFFILIATEFIXGG (if you want 50$ in other ad-network - lets discuss that) So, now you will be ready to monetize your mobile traffic under the wing of a powerful company!
    Why you should check us out (apart of free money :D)?
    - We are a content provider in Russia and Cis country and we have top landings in these markets.
    - We work only with real advertisers, who have direct connectivity with mobile operators. We don’t resell and therefore, we have competitive payouts and higher CRs than majority of our competitors. Moreover, we have very flexible bumping policy
    - Thanks to our fraud control system and our sneaky advertiser’s team, we manage to get the hottest offers in the market.
    - Our platform is top-end technology. It works as a tracker as well, allowing our mediabuyers to do split-tests of offers without usage of external tracker!
    - We pay daily! Even on weekends. ;)
    - We are the only one affiliate network which can pay you directly on the balance of your traffic source. We even have special direct debit deal with EXOCLICK, so you can have your funds uploaded by Golden Goose platform directly to your Exoclick account, with 6% bonus! :D Obviosly we have all other traditional payment methods.
    - Our AM team will always advise you not only on what to run, but also how to do it, since our experience in mediabuy is endless.
    - We are eager to always improve ourselves, so we are open to dialog and implement you suggestions. Helping us, you will have the possibility to earn extra bonuses!

    Check us out at gg.agency Lets start a long lasting business and friendship together! Do not forget to use a promocode to get $50 in EXOCLICK. :)

    Lady Goose