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Geckoman Affiliate Program

Geckoman Affiliate Program

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Geckoman Affiliate Program
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45 days
GECKOMAN is the developer and manufacturer of foot care technology that helps correct over pronation (also known as flat feet).

In the past year, we have helped change many people's lives with our foot care technology, recently, we produced the latest series, with more solid support!

Program Details:

commission rate up to 20%
cookie duration 45 days
average order $70

Why People Choose GeckoMan Arch Supports Orthotics Slippers?

The arch supports slippers that combine casual kick-on / kick-off style and a weathered canvas upper with a technical footbed for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Ergonomics design for the sole incorporates a cushioned forefoot, deep heel cup, orthotic arch support, and metatarsal pad.

Built-in removable fleece insole provides comfort and warmth all day and can be taken out and applied to your other shoes as your orthotic.

The breathable toweling synthetic linings allow for all-day comfort which is great because once you feel the comfort, you'll never want to take it off.

Who can benefit from wearing Geckoman orthotics and why?

Any person with or without a foot problem can benefit from wearing Geckoman orthotics! It is estimated that over 70% of the population suffer from rolling inwards of the foot and fallen arches (i.e., excess pronation), which is the major contributing factor to foot problems. As we get older this problem often worsens.

These persons, in particular, can benefit greatly from wearing Geckoman orthotics:

Those over 50: As we get older, the muscles and ligaments in the foot become weaker, as do the bones due to calcium reduction. In addition, the fatty padding under the foot thins out, which means less protection and cushioning for the bones, in particular the heel bone. Fallen arches combined with thinning fat tissue are a recipe for foot problems. Heel spurs are the most common foot complaints about those over 50.

People who are on their feet all day: Factory workers, nurses, teachers, people in retail, and many other industries are required to stand on their feet for hours each day. Hard, unforgiving surfaces like concrete and asphalt take their toll after prolonged standing even for young and healthy people! The most common complaints are tired, aching feet and legs as well as low back pain. Women who are required to wear dress shoes with heels (e.g., in retail or hospitality) often suffer from pain under the ball of the foot and/or aching legs.

Runners & athletes: Because athletes put so much strain on their muscles and bones and ground reaction forces are much higher (up to 4 times the bodyweight), biomechanical injuries are more the rule than the exception. Orthotics play a major role in preventing sports injuries such as Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints, and problems in and around the knee joint. Plus, running pain-free enables any athlete to perform better!

High-heel wearers: Most women know that high heels are not good for their feet, however, many women do wear them. Common symptoms occurring from wearing high heels are a pain in the back of the legs (and shortening of the calf muscles over the long term), ball of foot pain, pain under the arch and the heel. Geckoman is specifically designed to reduce the discomfort associated with heeled shoes and sandals.

Pregnant or overweight people: Excess weight worsens the effects of excess pronation and its related pains. Proper alignment and support are crucial for those carrying additional weight, which creates additional forces on the feet, ankles, knees, and back.


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