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FunnelFlux Pro

FunnelFlux Pro

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FunnelFlux Pro
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FunnelFlux Pro lets you build, track and analyse performance marketing campaigns.

Unlike most trackers, we offer flexible visual building of funnels with virtually no limitations on how pages can connect together. With one funnel you can send traffic from unlimited traffic sources and campaigns, so your setup is a lot more streamlined.

Our reporting is second-to-none. You can use quick stats to break down any funnel, traffic source, lander, or other resources data in the blink of an eye -- and our full reporting page lets you break down by up to twenty attributes, including our unique "visitor journey" that lets you see the exact flow users went through.

FunnelFlux Pro will soon add webhook/logic nodes that will allow you to trigger backend actions as a user passes through any node in your funnel. Imagine firing conversions via API to some system as a user clicks through, or submitting email forms straight to your tracker and having it push them to a CRM. Think Zapier meets affiliate marketing tracker. Coming soon, reach out if you're interested in beta testing these.

I could go on for pages about all the features in the pipeline and how FunnelFlux Pro will make you change your approach to tracking, but for now I will just let you explore our sales page and use our 14-28 day trial (you get 14 days then 14 extra by doing basic onboarding checklist items).
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