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FundedNext Affiliate Program

FundedNext Affiliate Program

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FundedNext Affiliate Program
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12.5% to 15%
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-15
  2. Weekly
Payment Method
  1. Other
Referral Period

Our Fund, Your Profit​

FundedNext offers an affiliate program that allows individuals to earn up to 15% commission on every referral. The affiliate model is structured as follows:

How the Affiliate Model Works​

  1. Rising Star(Customer Count 1-49)
    • Bi-Weekly Withdrawal
    • 12% Commission
    • 5% Discount Code
  2. Pro(Customer Count 50+)
    • Weekly Withdrawal
    • 15% Commission
    • 7.5% Discount Code
  3. Champion(Customer Count 350+)
    • 24/7 Withdrawal
    • 10% Discount Code

Enterprise Solution​

For those with a proven track record at other prop-firms, FundedNext offers a migration option to match existing progress on their platform.

More Rewards for FundedNext Affiliates​

  • Monthly rewards based on customer counts
  • Dedicated support for 'Champion' affiliates

Why Partner with FundedNext?​

  • Highest Affiliate Commission: Up to 15% commission
  • Easy & Fast Withdrawals: Instant commission collection
  • Real-Time Tracking: Track clicks, registrations, and conversions

Terms & Conditions​

The terms and conditions outline specific rules and requirements for affiliates, including:

  • No negative marketing or use of PPC targeting “FundedNext”
  • Commission details based on tier/level
  • Available Payout Methods: Perfect Money, DEEL, USDT, BTC
  • Withdrawal requirements and procedures
  • Rights reserved by FundedNext to modify terms or withhold payments for violations.

FundedNext is a global financial empowerment platform that specializes in providing funding to traders around the world. With the mission of "Our Fund, Your Profit," FundedNext offers up to $300,000 in funds to help traders earn full-time. Operating in over 195 countries, the firm has distributed more than $51 million in total payouts, with an average payout time of just 5 hours. FundedNext stands out in the industry by offering unique features such as 15% profit sharing during the challenge phases, no time limits on challenges, balance-based drawdown calculations, and raw spreads with the lowest commissions. Their innovative funding models and commitment to providing the best trading conditions have positioned FundedNext as a leading prop firm, dedicated to supporting traders' success and growth. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, FundedNext offers opportunities and resources tailored to help traders thrive in the trading world.
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