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Ezzocard Virtual Cards

Ezzocard Virtual Cards

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Dear friends,

We happy present our high class Virtual Card service!
We sell Prepaid Virtual Visa and MasterCard Cards issued by US and Canadian banks.
Ezzocard Virtual Cards easy to Use for Secure Shopping. VCC will get you access to shopping worldwide.

Key benefits of our Virtual Cards:

1. Card anonymity – card can be registered on any name and address, thus making it possible to make purchases without revealing your real personal details.
2. Confidentiality of the purchase process – when making a purchase, you are not required to provide your personal data (ID, address, etc.), and you can use anonymous payment means such as cryptocurrencies.
3. Instant 24/7 delivery – an automated issuing service is fully available 24/7 to provide cards right after payment.
4. Global accessibility: users are able to purchase a card in every country and use it in almost any country, wherever prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted.
5. Online support service.
6. A possibility of 95% refund of a card face value within one month of the date of purchase, if you haven’t used the card and decided that you won’t need it.
7. A great selection: a wide range of face value from 5 to 1000 USD.
8. A possibility to order any individual face value, if it is not available on a regular basis.
9. Discounts for regular customers.

Our Prepaid Virtual Cards are accepted on most websites where Visa and MasterCard prepaid are accepted: Apple Store (iTunes), eBay, Facebook (Black cards only), GoDaddy, Google Playstore, Google AdWords (Black cards only), HostGator, PayPal, Name cheap, Skype and more! Visa cards also can be used for recurring payments or subscriptions.

Visit our website for further information.
Feel free to contact our Support Team via customer support widget on our website or e-mail us.

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