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Elevated Hearing

Cutting-edge, Affordable Hearing Aids

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    Elevated Hearing provides innovative, user-friendly, and affordable hearing aids.

    Our cutting-egde and sleek eRite hearing aids are among the most powerful and cost-effective hearing devices available online today. Following a different path than most traditional hearing aids, Elevated Hearing strives to simplify the route to better hearing at a fraction of the cost.

    The Elevated Hearing team of audiologists and hearing insiders set out to create an innovative hearing system at the very lowest price possible. The goal was to design a hearing solution that could be delivered straight to a customer’s door and instantly make them happy. The Elevated Hearing hearing aid is the result of their hard work and it’s a success you have to hear to believe. Our American manufacturing team is critical to our ability to deliver the highest quality hearing aids at the lowest prices possible!

    eRite hearing aids work great right out of the box delivering clean, clear, high-frequency amplification critical for better speech understanding or TV viewing. The kit also contains interchangeable Silicone ear tips for a custom it and personalized sound. The easy-to-use volume control provides three levels of amplification with the touch of a button.


    Elevated Hearing's premium hearing aids and direct-to-consumer approach is already revolutionizing the hearing aid industry. Their team is leading the way in making affordable, easy-to-use hearing aids that work great available to the millions of people that need them.


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