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El Toro Certified

House-hold level IP targeting

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    Hey guys...!

    For some back round...our technology targets the house-hold IP address and serves your display ad through our proprietary platform. What we offer is simple, an easy to use interface and access to traffic without bots.

    What is needed:

    List of physical home addresses you want to serve ads to saved as a excel .csv file. (If you do not have any, there are data suppliers you we can connect you with.)

    Prepay is required per campaign. This can move to net payments once we have established a working relationship.

    Minimum budget requirements. Don't want or need $5-10-50 dollar a day affiliates. Looking for guys who have the budgets to actually push volume.

    For more information goto www.eltoro.com. Inquiries can reach me directly on here, from there we can move it to Skype/e-mail for account details.