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Shopping TV Reinvented

  1. Chris Knight
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    eight is the must have app for those looking to build an empire though social shopping. We’ve made it easy to turn your everyday products into shoppable videos, and even easier for you to start making money from them by broadcasting it to your followers on eight and all your social networks. You don’t have to own or ship the products, just make short videos and tell people why they are awesome! Using this product gives you UNLIMITED INVENTORY to sell from. eight makes it so simple for your audience to buy the products and you get paid for everything sold via your Amazon affiliate code

    Here’s how it works:
    - Set up your FREE account and add your Amazon affiliate code in the settings.
    - Grab a product - just about anything with a barcode can be sold.
    - Record a video about the product
    - Scan the barcode to automatically attach the product to the video.
    - Broadcast your video to any social media network... Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or your own website.

    Right now we only work with the Amazon affiliate program but we are open to integrating other programs.
    eight is only available on iPhone.