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skype – essay affiliate program. 50% of new sales – 20% rebills.

We are glad to introduce you a relatively new essay affiliate program!

Main page — EDUAffiliates

1. Our services
Our company has been working in essay writing since 2008. We provide great quality of service, maintain professional writers from United States and Canada, and also have the lowest refund rate in the niche – less than 0.8%. We write essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and basically any type of academic paper for students from United States, Canada, and Australia. Not only do we write academic papers, but also do proofreading, editing, formatting, and rewriting.
An average order price is $131. In fact order prices start from $25 and can go up to $8000 for a 150-200 pages dissertation.

2. Commissions
Percentage of sale:
- 30% of new client’s first sale and 15% rebills (1-50 new clients)
- 40% of new client’s first sale and 15% rebills (51-100 new clients)
- 50% of new client’s first sale and 20% rebills (101+ new clients)
Rebills are recurring sales. All rebills are lifetime, thus you keep getting your commissions as long as your clients order. On average we get up to 6 rebills per client.

3. Payments
Payment requests must be submitted before the 5th day of the month. All payment requests are fulfilled from within 10 days – before the 15th. For receiving funds you are free to choose among EPESE, Webmoney, Wire transfer, QIWI, PayPal. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $100; wire transfer minimum - $1000.

4. Promotional materials
We have some nice and effective banners, flash promos, and WordPress themes. Keyword list is provided upon request. Also we can issue personal discounts for you to promote. If you need more promo materials or customized for your needs just let us know.

5. Hot seasons
In fact we have orders coming in all year round. However, there are certain peaks we call hot seasons. Hot seasons are during autumn (mid January – mid December) and spring (February - July). During hot seasons we have the highest amount of orders and it is most profitable for you as well. We also highlight most profitable months of the year – November and April – those are peaks of the hot seasons. Basically it is not that hard to predict as people order academic papers when they study. Thus, winter or summer holidays will not bring a lot of orders, however, it is a great time to take a break and get ready for the next hot season.

6. Why we are better than others
- More than 6 years on the market = decent essay writing niche experience.
- Professional service and support – we pay our writers the highest wages in the niche. In return we get outstanding quality papers.
- Our customer conversion rate reaches 9%!
- High quality = satisfied clients = clients return for more = your earnings increase! We have the highest real amont of rebills among competitors.
- During hot season you can earn about $10k-$20k or more, depending on how hard you try.

7. What you can earn
Let’s say you decided to work with us and got your traffic sources ready to go. To begin with, we’ll assume you send us 300 unique visitors per day. Keywords - good targeted keywords. Based on this the conversion rate would be 3.5-4%. Let’s take 3.5% a minimum. Thus you will get an average of 10 NEW clients per day, or 300 NEW clients per month. Next we will count your prospective earnings for 1 month (30 days)

Average order price is $130.

First 25 clients (20% from sale) - 25*(130*20%) = $650
Next 25 clients (30% from sale) - 25*(130*30%) = $975
Next 50 clients (40% from sale) - 50*(130*40%) = $2600
101+ clients (50% from sale forever) - 200*(130*50%) = $13000
Total: $17225

And don’t forget about re-bills - your passive income! On average we have 5-7 re-bills per client. Let’s take 5 as a minimum. Thus, you get another 300*(130*20%)*5 = $39000 of passive income over the next 6 months! Not bad, huh? And that’s your profit for only 1 month!

Attached you can see stats of one of our new but successful webmaster for October. He joined us in September and by the end of the month managed to get the highest plan - 50% from new sales / 20% from re-bills.

If you have any questions or interesting offers, please, get in touch with us:

Skype: edu-affiliates
ICQ: 678 477 641

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Already got few payments from edu-affiliates.
Always on time, good conversion rate, high commission. I'm satisfied with everything.
Started working with them last summer. So far so good. Timely payments via PayPal and decent support. They are still developing their system, but technically it's all working and up. I am still getting familiar with the niche. However, I have already managed to bring in 96 clients! And what's amazing is that I have already earned really good money from recurring sales. So, it's worth it, but, as I said, it's not that easy.