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DropshipMe Affiliate Program

Team up with the fastest growing drop shipping tool and make up to $269 on each sale!

  1. Juliya from DropshipMe
    Programs Name:
    DropshipMe Affiliate Program
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    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-30
    Payment Method:
    • Paypal
    Referral Period:
    Hi there,

    We are excited to announce your chance to enjoy one of the most generous commission rates in the affiliate space.


    Wait, what is DropshipMe?

    We thought, why not use what we’ve learned with AliDropship, and make drop shipping store owners’ life simpler and easier than ever? DropshipMe is a new WordPress plugin from AliDropship developers. It revolutionizes the product sourcing process in drop shipping. And here’s exactly what we’ve done:
    • Handpicked over 50,000 best selling drop shipping products on AliExpress;
    • Professionally edited their titles, descriptions and images;
    • Put a recommended price on each product;
    • Made a plugin that allows you to add these products to your store in one click.
    Who can join?

    Our affiliate program is FREE and open for everybody.

    We welcome bloggers, youtubers, paid search enthusiasts, webmasters, agencies, educational resources and all-around e-commerce geniuses!


    We offer 50% commission on every DropshipMe package sale and 30% for the sale of a custom drop shipping store.

    When it comes to custom stores, you can earn up to $269 from only one purchase!

    As a DropshipMe affiliate you’ll also receive:
    • 30-day cookie, so you get the commission if customers purchase over a month after you referred them
    • Access to your affiliate dashboard for accurate tracking of your clicks, sales, balance and overall performance
    • Clean, professionally-designed marketing materials like banners, text links and pre-written emails
    • Convenient PayPal payouts
    • Dedicated support manager who is available to answer any questions you have about the program
    Register now to start earning right away with the fastest growing drop shipping tool!