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DigitPipe - Webhosting affiliate program - €25 per new customer + 10% commission

DigitPipe - Webhosting affiliate program - €25 per new customer + 10% commission

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€25 per new customer + 10% commission
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Other
Payment Method
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
Referral Period
90 days

€25 per new customer + 10% commission​

Do you want to recommend DigitPipe to friends, or do you want to earn some extra money by promoting us? We like to give something back to the people who help us with new customers!
You will receive €25 from us for each new customer you refer. You will then receive a commission of 10% of the turnover generated by the customer you introduced.

How does it work?​

  1. When someone clicks on your unique link and is not yet a customer of DigitPipe, a cookie is added to the browser. This cookie is stored for 90 days.
  2. When someone creates an account while this cookie is in the browser, this account will be linked to your account as a referred customer.
  3. If web hosting is subsequently ordered from this account, € 25 euros will be added to your affiliate account with the status "Pending".
  4. If the new customer still has an active web hosting service with us after 45 days, this € 25 will get the status "Available".
  5. You will also receive 10% commission on every web hosting order (including renewals) from this customer. This amount is also first given the status "Pending" and the status becomes "Available" after 45 days if the relevant service is still active..
  6. If the total amount stated on "Available" is €50 or more, you can request a payout. We will transfer this amount to your bank account.

Frequently asked questions​

Do I have to be a customer to become an affiliate?​

No that is not necessary. You can also create an account on our customer panel without being a customer, after which you can register as an affiliate.

When will I be paid?​

You can contact us to request a payout when you have €50 euros or more available in your affiliates account. So this is already possible when you have introduced 2 customers.

How do I get customers?​

Take a look around your network to see if there are people in need of hosting, or maybe their site could use a speed boost! You can also use your own website or blog to rate our services and add your affiliate link.
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