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  1. Net-30
  2. Net-15
  3. Weekly
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  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. Check
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We are CrakRevenue, a premium-performance CPA platform made by some of the biggest affiliates in the industry. We have been generating online leads for over 10 years and have won many awards for our innovative platforms and projects. Our mission is to develop and share the same money making tools we use ourselves as affiliates.


We only display offers we've tested and know converts. Having tested hundreds of adult sponsors with high volume of traffic, we are in a key position to select only the best partners and offer deals exclusively from companies who have been proven to convert and have a clean history of payment. We have all types of premium offers in many markets such as : Dating, Webcams, VOD, etc. The offers also cover all kinds of adult niches such as amateur, hardcore, teen, black, fetish and much more.

Our high sales volume allows us to either match or beat the current standard payouts offered by sponsors. The more traffic you send, the higher your payout!

It's simple : Work smarter, not harder. We develop exclusive tools that send traffic to the best performing offers. We know what converts with what type of traffic.

CrakRevenue runs on a state-of-the-art stats infrastructure that provides fast, detailed and customizable stats about your traffic. Stats are also geo-specific, with reports can be displayed by country for clicks, earnings, epc, ratios, etc.

We are highly specialized in geo-targeting - that is how we can offer only the best converting offers available for each region. Our exclusive Geo-Matic ad tool automatically displays the best offers based on the niche and geo-location of your visitors.

MULTI-AWARDED PLATFORM; Consecutively named one of the world’s top CPA networks by mThink’s Blue Book since 2015.

  • Winner - 2023 mThink's Blue Book - 4th Best CPA Network for Affiliates
  • Winner - 2023 mThink's Blue Book - 4th Best CPA Networks for Advertisers
  • Winner - 2022 mThink's Blue Book - 5th Best CPA Network for Affiliates
  • Winner - 2022 YNOT Awards - Best CPA Network
  • Winner - 2021 mThink's Blue Book - 3rd Best CPA Network for Advertisers
  • Winner - 2020 mThink's Blue Book - 5th Best CPA Network for Affiliates
  • Winner - 2019 XBIZ Awards - Affiliate Network of the Year

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Web and Mobile Traffic from 200+ countries
  • 8,000+ Publishers network
  • 80+ motivated staff members
  • Over 8 Million Leads/Sales since 2010
  • $2M+ paid monthly in affiliate commissions
Would you mine for gold with a plastic fork? No.

You need the right tools to do the job. When it comes to making money online, we've got the right tools for you.

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Latest reviews

They have a wide range of TOP offers , high pay out rate, smart links that are optimize for the best possible conversions. The platform also provide key conversion metrics such as time , device type and EPC. But Crakrevenue, communication channel are below bench mark. It takes anywhere between 7 day to 3 plus weeks to get a response from support. I had some amount of problem with global postback tracking conversion using CPVLABs on this platform. I ran a few SOI & DOI dating offer pause traffic briefly. Then I was asked to provide traffic screenshot (nov 11,2019), i did (nov 16,2019) then It took crakrevenue 3 week to notify me (Today :DEC 11,2019) that my account I closed because i did not "provide enough details that will justify the results and behavior that our fraud analysis team sees."
It is really a premium network. Why? Because they have many great offers on one place, they offer smartlinks and other cool features, but most of all - they have best affiliate managers and they will help you grow.
Great Network, great stuff to make money with, and complete realtime stats.

Support is great and in my case my manager Raphaël is Standbye to help me even when he is not working !!

Give them Some time to monitor
your traffic and dont run away afther 2 weeks like i did the first time

Grtz Ilona
Decent network. They present their self as if they have loads of HQ exclusive offers, but in reality it's just average.

I've ran a bunch of CPL campaigns, be ready to face a lot of mean support members, however they do pay. And they do have a few functions which are kinda cool.

Just a 3/5 from me... Sorry guys.
Always available to help, very nice offers with the best EPC for my adult traffic ! In one word : PERFECT !
Amazing, how did they growth so far, only one things i need to have it more is fastest payout, i can't use my resources due to bad payout system.
Good offers, nice user friendly interface, however beware of your account being terminated (and funds suspended) if you don't run traffic on a regular basis.
Good start bad ending!
Hi Jim, thanks for the review. We recently had a major fraud problem and we do acknowledge the temporary suspension of some accounts. That said, we're working with those who were affected by this and if you were one of them, please PM us with your email and we'll tell you what other information we need from you to resolve this to your satisfaction :-)

Eric from CrakRevenue
I've been a member on Crakrevenue for an year now and coming from several other adult-related networks I can freely say that it is the best one out there at the moment. They got arount 680 offers at the moment, and they are adding new ones daily. Wide range of highly converting PPS, PPL, SOI, DOI and Revshare offers. Their blog just rocks, and they recently released a smart links system that will automatically select the highest converting offer based on your visitors IP, and it has been converting like crazy!
Never had any issues with the payments, they support wide variety of payment options. I personally use Payoneer and have been very satisfied so far.
If you feel like joining, be advised that you have to be approved first, so you need to show in your application that you are really serious about joining. You won't have any trouble though, if you already have some minimum asset, even if you don't, be as descriptive as you can. That just shows that they are really professional about what they do.
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Thank you!
Awesome Network Excellent Quality,
Best For High Payouts and All Things There You See.
I Love Crakrevenue.
Join With My Link (Fast Approve)
Fast Approval very good support and a lot of offers