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Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Programs Name
Cloudways Affiliate Program
Visit Website
Upto $200
Minimum Payment
Payout Threshold $250
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-30
Payment Method
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
Referral Period
60 Days or 2 invoices
The Cloudways Affiliate Program is meant for bloggers,entrepreneurs, trainers, freelancers, and digital agencies.Its a program designed to provide affiliates with a flexible system to earn from. One key aspect of the program is that it provides support chats, to connect with the company’s affiliate team or the support team. For queries that need more detail solutions, these teams are within reach through the ticketing system that is within the Cloudways platform.

Cloudways provides managed-hosting that caters to the needs of developers, entrepreneurs, startup owners, ecommerce solutions, and digital agencies. Let’s first dive right into the product and then highlight some of the nifty features of the affiliate program.

Features of Cloudways:
  • Its a managed cloud hosting solution which is partnered with industry-leading infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Vultr, Linode, and Digital Ocean.
  • It provides a platform that focuses on website performance through simple and easy UI.
  • Server Security so server management tasks are no longer in-house and clients can focus on running their business.
  • Keeping control of the web application and server through the platform so the customer is always in control.
  • Server Monitoring metrics straight from the platform so the customer can see the real time status of their server and scale when appropriate.
  • Addons and Plugin Integrations straight into the platform so customers can use familiar third party apps
Features of Cloudways Affiliate Program
  • Commission of up to $125/referral.
  • Three payment structures to earn though; slab, hybrid, and custom plan
  • Dedicated affiliate managers to help marketers that sign up to Cloudways affiliate program
  • Access to Affiliate dashboard that helps in real-time tracking.
  • Cookie storage for up to 90 days.
  • High quality promotional banners to provide affiliates with convenience while promoting Cloudways.
  • Advanced Sub ID tracking to help gain insights and optimize performance.

Payment Methods
Affiliates that sign up to this program get their payment during the 10th of every month as soon as they reach $250 approved commissions per month. This payment is done through Paypal that can be set up from the Cloudways affiliate account settings.

Affiliates can also receive payments through Wire Transfer once they generate approved commissions of at least $1000. This payment will be done on the basis of the payout cycle.

The third type of payment is converting these approved conversions to their Cloudways credit. It’s noteworthy that this can only be done if the affiliate is a Cloudways customer.

Commission Structure
There are three commissions structures to choose from as a Cloudways affiliate. The slab structure has a higher upfront CPA on the basis of the number of referrals one brings in. The hybrid structure includes a passive income that is recurring for every active referred Cloudways customer. The third commission structure is meant for affiliates that aim to earn through big referral numbers.

One can opt for the slab structure where they fulfill a monthly range and get commissions on that criteria.The higher the number of customers referrals the higher the earning.



Here the affiliate earns a $30 upfront and 7% recurring commissions per conversion as long as the customer stays with Cloudways.This works as a long term plan for affiliates that are looking to earn passive income.


This structure is to cater affiliates that aim to pull the big referral numbers. Since they can potentially bring in a lot of business, Cloudways offers a custom payout structure that borrows from both Slab and Hybrid payout structures keeping the high commission per sale incentive.

Joining the Cloudways Affiliate Program is pretty simple and easy. For more information about the Cloudways affiliate program you can visit this blog page.

Cloudways Affiliate Terms (scroll down to FAQ section)

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