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  1. February Digest 2021


    Hi, it’s a digest of the latest updates that you might have missed:


    Prepare for 2021 ahead. Discover the most profitable verticals and ad formats in ClickAdilla in 2021. We sum up 2020 and try to predict affiliate marketing trends for 2021.

    There you'll find:

    ✔️ Is it a good idea to start affiliate marketing right now?

    ✔️ The Future of Programmatic advertising.

    ✔️ Opinions of marketing experts.

    ✔️ The most promising niches.

    ✔️ In-Page ad statistics

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    Bitcoin hit a record $52'000 on Wednesday, just weeks after passing another major milestone of $40'000. This exciting news attracts investors. More and more people choose ₿ bitcoin as an alternative investment option

    The crypto, although a complex vertical, is one of the most profitable. Where else can you find payouts of $ 1000 per conversion?

    We have tons of traffic that will bring you a lot of conversions potentially. Like any other niche, crypto offers have their own features. Read more in our article how to get started with this niche in affiliate marketing.

    ✔️ Overviews of Cryptoffers

    ✔️ Most profitable ad formats

    ✔️ Ideas of creatives

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    India has an enormous online advertising market and advertising costs will skyrocket in the coming years.

    Web push is an effective ad format that can generate leads and increase sales online. If you know how to properly use this ad format, you can achieve impressive profits.

    In addition to a short review about traffic in India, in our article you will learn:

    ✔️ Features, that will maximize your income.

    ✔️ Which affiliate offers to promote.

    ✔️ How to target wealthy users.

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    Gambling is a highly profitable niche that brings millions of dollars to affiliate marketers monthly.

    In 2020 Ukraine legalized online casinos, bookmakers, lotteries and poker.

    On February 2, Ukraine issued the first online casino license So soon legal gambling offers will appear in CPA networks.

    In this article you’ll learn:

    ✅ Benefits of running license casino offers

    ✅ Online Casino trends for 2021

    ✅ Why Adult traffic is perfect for gambling offers

    ✅ Traffic Volume and Costs for Ukraine

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    Did you take advantage of Valentine's Day? This is a great opportunity to generate more revenue with Adult and Mainstream dating. Discover how to make $1000 in a month by promoting Dating Smartlink in this Case Study.

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    We’ve added mainstream sources for Native ad format. Previously, only adult websites were available. Now you can choose between ‘Entertainment & Lifestyle’ and ‘Adult’ categories.

    Native advertising is one of the best ways to get your content in front of a targeted audience. Native ads are shown in a user’s viewable area, ensuring ultimate viewability for your ads.

    This is an incredible opportunity, because you'll get More:

    ✅ relevant audience.

    ✅ traffic to scale your campaigns.

    ✅ conversions.

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