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  1. ClickAdilla
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    Traffic Types:
    • PPC
    • Display
    • Mobile
    • Adult
    • Native
    • Other
    Minimum Deposit:
    Payment Types:
    • Wire
    • CC
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    [email protected]
    ClickAdilla is an Innovative Self-Serve platform where you can acquire High Quality Traffic from Exclusive sources. With ClickAdilla you have full control over your Expenses. You can set a bid, see the volume expectations and change the bid whenever you need. Advertisers can use many targeting options, create white/black lists, set hourly/daily caps etc. All you need is to sign up, create a campaign, get the landing approval, load funds and make profit.

    We work on CPM and CPC (only for Web Push) model.

    • Banner
    • PopUnder
    • Web Push notifications
    • Video In-Stream (Pre-Roll)
    • Native
    • Tab links

    Web Push:
    • Over 65 million Push-subscribers.
    • Fresh loyal subscriber base with great CTR.
    • Fraud free traffic.
    • CPM and CPC payment models.
    • Bid starts at 0.005$
    • Smart-rotator
    • We allow to use adult landing-pages. Most part of Ad Networks forbid it.

    Our Features:
    • Premium sources
    • Detailed statistics
    • Setting limits: total, daily and hourly in impressions or money
    • Convenient stat API
    • Live-chat Support 24/7

    Payment options:
    - Paxum
    - ePayments
    - Bitcoin
    - Credit Card
    - Wire Transfer
    - WebMoney
    - Capitalist

    Referral program
    Don’t leave your friends behind! Invite friends to ClickAdilla and earn 5% from their spending. Just sign up to get your own unique referral link and share it with your friends.

    Our support team will be glad to answer any questions.
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Valid until March 11, 2020

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Recent Reviews

  1. Vlad_13
    ClickAdilla have a High traffic volume on TIER1 GEOs, for example, 120´000 clicks on web push on USA daily.
    Note, that they sell traffic from adult-tubes (99%). Despite the fact that in settings there is a check box with mainstream and adult options, it doesn’t work.
    Regarding support - I don’t have complaints.
    Traffic quality - need to create black list. I recommend to buy traffic only from Premium sources. And ask manager to set up capping 1/24.
    Just 2 tokens for web push, it’s a bit hard to set up and track conversions etc.
    Bonuses: a week ago I found a promo code on the partner’s page in ClickDealer. Not sure, if it there yet... with promo code you’ll get +10% to the first deposit.
    Hope this review will be useful for you =]
  2. Nastya G
    Nastya G