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Your advertising GATORway

  1. Elena ClickAdilla
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    Traffic Types:
    • Display
    • Mobile
    • Adult
    • Native
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    Payment Types:
    • Wire
    • CC
    • Other
    [email protected]
    ClickAdilla is:

    -PopUnder, Banner, Web Push, In Stream Video (Pre-Roll) CPM traffic purchasing through Self-Serve Platform.

    -Only Premium sources.
    -Detailed statistics.
    -Minimal deposit – 50$.
    -Budget and amount limits.
    -High level of support.
    -Monitoring and optimization of campaign in real-time mode.
    -Fast approvement of your landings and campaigns.

    We strongly recommend to try our latest in-stream format.
    There are 7 reasons to use it:
    - Target audience;
    - Detailed traffic stats;
    - Runs on both mobile and desktop;
    - VAST-tag (Video Ad Serving Template);
    - Video uploader and direct purchasing link;
    - 100% viewable and 100% human. We guarantee it;
    - Low competition in this format, and as a result, low prices.

    ClickAdilla - Your Advertising GATORway is the Next Generation Ad Network. ClickAdilla is an Innovative Self-Serve platform where you can acquire High Quality Traffic from Exclusive sources. With ClickAdilla you have full control over your Expenses. You can set a bid, see the volume expectations and change the bid whenever you need. Advertisers can use many targeting options, create white/black lists, set hourly/daily caps etc. All you need is to sign up, create a campaign, get the landing approval, load funds and make profit.

    Sources of our traffic are premium sites, which are in "Top 100 Websites That Rule the Internet".

    We receive all popular payment systems in auto mode: Paxum, ePayments, Bitcoin, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Webmoney.

    Our support team will be glad to answer any questions.
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Get additional 10% on your first deposit from 100$ using this coupon code ClickMyMay.
    Valid until June 9, 2019

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Recent Reviews

  1. Vlad_13
    ClickAdilla have a High traffic volume on TIER1 GEOs, for example, 120´000 clicks on web push on USA daily.
    Note, that they sell traffic from adult-tubes (99%). Despite the fact that in settings there is a check box with mainstream and adult options, it doesn’t work.
    Regarding support - I don’t have complaints.
    Traffic quality - need to create black list. I recommend to buy traffic only from Premium sources. And ask manager to set up capping 1/24.
    Just 2 tokens for web push, it’s a bit hard to set up and track conversions etc.
    Bonuses: a week ago I found a promo code on the partner’s page in ClickDealer. Not sure, if it there yet... with promo code you’ll get +10% to the first deposit.
    Hope this review will be useful for you =]
  2. Nastya G
    Nastya G