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  1. New banner sizes and Full-Page Interstitial ad format


    We've added new display banner sizes:

    • 315×300
    • 900×250
    • 160×600
    Some sites want smaller images, and others want larger. Some users are going to block your banner-sized ads but will miss larger or smaller variations.

    The only solution is to prepare and optimize as much as possible.

    Do A/B tests to figure out which size works best. To save your time, we recommend using the Smart Rotator.

    Recently, we've added the option to buy banners on CPC model.

    Increase your ROI by paying only for clicks.


    Meet our new ad format - Full-page Interstitial ads. It looks like a banner that covers the full screen of the device. The ad can be dismissed by the user at any time.


    • 1920x1080px for desktop.

    • 1600x900px for mobile devices.

    Why should you try it?

    • Interstitial ads have a high CTR: 18 times higher than for an average banner.

    • Low CPM rates reduces budget costs: 40% lower than the minimum CPM for Popunder ads.

    • Interstitials ads is especially effective for offers with Install and Registration Cost-Per-Action.

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