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Case Empire - phone cases & accessories

Case Empire - phone cases & accessories

Programs Name
Case Empire's Affiliate program
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5$ CPA
Minimum Payment
30 day NET
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-30
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
Referral Period
30 day cookies
About The Case Empire

Hey, it's good to have you here. This is Roni, the founder of the Case Empire. First, let me explain who we are:

Founded on the base of the new printing technology available today, we started this business because there are things available today which never were available before, like our unique ability to print on the surface on a truly hard and protective phone cases, and moreover, to let the customer itself to choose what he wants to have printed on it. I personally see this as a revolution in the field and believe it can bring joy to many. We use the most advanced factories and technology (and truly, we have some of the best quality items on the market - and I say it with full certainty.) and have a very comfortable system for fast shipping (3-5 days in the US, for example.).

You will want to work with us if:

  • You are an Influencer in the technology / electronics / phones / fashion / fashion accessories / gifts / art niches.
  • You have a store of your own and you want to give your customers the ability to make their own cases while earning money for it.
  • You are an owner of a physical store and you want to branch out to the personalized goods market.
  • You are an affiliate marketer who is tired of selling weight-loss pills and looking for an easy way to make a good commission selling something with high quality from an actual brand.
  • You are a customer who loved our products and you want to help us while earning $$ doing so.
  • You are a blogger looking for something interesting to offer your readers, looking for an affiliate program while not compromising on the product's quality!
  • You are a Youtuber / vlogger looking for a new video idea.
What You get

We offer 5$ Flat rate on every phone case purchase!

if you want to think in terms of percents it is between 15%-20% sales commission.

average in this market - 4%-10%

That's 5X TIMES more than amazon!

That's 2X TIMES more than you will find anywhere else!

Why is the commission so high?

This Is a question a smart marketer might ask. Because we are used to having a downside to every upside. Plus, I do have experience with affiliate marketing myself, so I do know this question personally. And it's those who ask it whom I would really like to see here.

The reason we chose to have this flat rate is simple, we are in the market for a long time and we know what to expect, we know that however hard we will try we cannot reach everybody, although the amount of people who might be GENUINELY interested in such items is huge, and can have the capacity to serve them. This is where you come in! We think that you can take this technology (the CASE-MAKER) and use it in your sub-niche, just be creative!

What you'll get
  • Affiliate link and unique barcode
  • Personal panel to know exactly how many referrals you made.
  • Full information about the audience you would want to look for ( useful for the affiliate marketers)
  • Access to creatives
  • Personal guidance.
Being an affiliate is easy. all you do is register in our form (we don't care if you register but never refer anybody, no harm done, so feel free to do so). When you are signed in you get a unique link and a unique coupon code. The use of any of them will grant you the commission.


Click here to go to the sign-up page

For any question, you can write to:

Hope we will be working together!

Case-Empire uses GoAffPro as their affiliate gateway and abides by their affiliate terms.

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