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ByOffers - Dating/Insurance/Health Network

Turn your traffic into money! We worl with mobile and desktop, PPL (SOI/DOI), PPT, PPS offers!

  1. reportnetworks
    Worst network anyone can ever join owe me 200 dollar and do not reply.

    They say advitiser says my traffic is poor but they didn't shows anything that can confirm they're claim and the fact that I already work with the same advitiser in other networks where I get payment without any delay.

    Only think they have a screenshot of some kind of crap.

    I am fighting legally I am doing everything I can to shut this company down. Because they are scammers
  2. Captain Web
    Captain Web
    Got my first payment
  3. icoolena
    Recently came across Byoffers edu network and can say that I'm quite happy with their offers and commission. Way to go, guys!