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Australian Lead Generation

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We specialise in co-registration lead generation which facilitates conversations with potential customers that lead to meaningful long-term relationships with your business.

Co-registration (or Coreg) lead generation is a little known method of generating highly qualified and targeted leads on a pay per lead basis.

Coreg Leads are obtained by presenting your company’s offer to consumers who are completing an online survey, usually through incentivising the traffic. Depending upon your company’s services and the offer you present, Coreg leads can prove very effective in quickly and cost-effectively building your sales pipeline.

EMBR have access to over 100+ co-registration channels and paths Australia and world wide and can deliver thousands of leads per day in multiple industry verticals.

We have the in-house expertise of knowing how to handle co-registration campaigns from a ‘client point of view’.

We can assist you with sales techniques, sales and follow up scripts and can couple you with the right CRM and marketing automation software to really take your co-registration campaign to the next level.

Co-registration lead campaigns suit clients looking to generate:

Through years of trial and error, research and technical development, we know how to specifically targeted co-registration leads to maximise sales and ROI. We can locate and profile consumers that qualify for your product or service or that are already actively looking in the market.

We understand the intricacies of marketing your services to Australian and overseas customers. With a data marketing strategy, the leads are obtained, profiled and qualified by us so that you can focus on what counts – converting the lead to a sale, hence increasing revenue and expanding your business. Co-registration leads are our speciality and forte.

Implementing a coreg leads campaign strategy will put you ahead of your industry peers and can grow your company as an industry leader. Through coreg lead generation and marketing to the right demographic, you can work towards your clients feeling valued, satisfied and ultimately like you are the perfect partnership in their consumer decision. We partner our efforts with your sales conversion process to reach the end goal – consistent new client acquisition for your business.

With the weight experience behind our team and the in-depth knowledge of current industry trends, we work with you to decipher your ideal customer. EMBR’s co-registration leads are generated through reverse engineered profiling to provide you and your sales team with leads ready for sales conversion.
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